Wooden Soffit Mount

This device allows you to mount your satellite to any wooden soffit.


  1. Save time and money by simplifying dish installation
  2. Works with every SkyTV dish on the market
  3. Maintain the appearance and value of your home
  4. Prevent your dish from falling off during high winds

This dish mount is designed to attach to well-secured parts of your home’s frame, providing the highest degree of strength and durability. Your dish won’t ever fall off during high winds and storms! This easy-to-install mount not only simplify any installation, it also help maintain the appearance and value of your home.

The Soffit Satellite Dish Mount can be installed on any wooden soffit, cornice or beam. It is designed for placement primarily in wooden soffit areas. Weighing in at 4.25 pounds, the unit has a base measuring 8 x 2.25 inches, and the mounting insert protrudes 10.5 inches from the base.

The Soffit Satellite Dish Mount is constructed of aluminum and have a powder-coated finish. It works with virtually every SkyTV dish on the market.

It is designed to get a more accessible location for dish installation. Normally the result will be a better looking dish installation which allowed you to get the dish off my roof. The soffit mount is a real lifesaver. It is easy to attach and even easier to mount the dish. With it we are able to get a good angle to the satellite that would have been difficult with other methods.