West Auckland Freeview TV Aerial Installations

Here you find a long list of jobs we have done in West Auckland areas as examples for you as reference including most regular TV aerial signal check and repair job, VHF to UHF replacement, broken TV aerial replacement and of course a lot of new aerial installations for digital TV Freeview HD.

Laingfield U-LD3 Hitachi UHF Installation

Hitachi U-LD3 Outdoor UHF Antenna installation in Langfield. Hitachi is one of the best indoor outdoor UHF antenna manufacturer and designer. This aerial is made out of pure metal materials, super light while highly sensitive for UHF signal transmission over the air. It’s compact so it can be mounted flexibly on many possible locations. Basically, this aerial achieves the same signal reception level as of the 1.2 meters long regular AV-43XU type. The installation is $275 GST inclusive.

Laingholm UHF Aerial replacement installation

Laingholm UHF Aerial replacement installation. $195 paid on site.

New Windsor Chimney Mount TV Aerial Replacement

The mount is totally rusted, with two heavy antennas attached to it, it’s extremely dangerous.


The budget is tight, they are lucky because I have a habit of using second-hand things, so I put up a used mount, good quality one, not available on the market nowadays. This mount is a whole piece modulated metal, not welded together type. Since I’m not paid much so I did not polish it, the original pains are still there. Blots and nuts are new. Holding brackets are from VHF antennas I removed before. It is aluminium, not going to rust.


Finally it’s like this:


This should be the third time that the aerial is installed again. Check what happened to the first mount, nature’s power. Choose proper quality mounts is important. This work with brackets is $195

Sunnyvale Freeview TV Aerial Replacement

I have to remove the old mount and antenna. It was swing in the wind, fascia board can not hold the weight for long. There’s a walk way under it. Not a good position to install some thing over people’s path. So they are removed. And the new home for aerial is here:

From ground it looks like this:


This job is $265. As usual, the vhf was cut into pieces.

Attic Aerial Installation Blockhouse Bay

Do you know that a Freeview UHF aerial could actually be mounted inside the house, in the attic, or any space above your ceiling? Metal, brick, masonry, tile roofs, not all are ok. If the TV transmitter direction allows the signal to penetrate through wood, common roofing or vinyl siding to reach the antenna we will be okay. A plywood roof covered by a single layer of asphalt shingles is best. In terms of best location inside, it has to be tested to know. Some places might have a metal strap which blocks the signal but hidden, it requires some skills.

If you are building a new house, in many cases the builder electricians are going to leave one, two, or, in this Blockhouse bay house, 4 cable leads in a loft, a position above the ceiling; Tin roof, UHF signal is not getting through; Tile roof, yes, we have a much greater chance that we can install the aerial inside the ceiling, without sacrificing too much signal quality. Here’s how it is installed, signal quality almost perfect.

This is how it is mounted

A standard outdoor 43-element aerial:

Massey Fallen Off TV Aerial Re-installation

A repair work today, a double antenna mount off the wood board. The mount and antennas were too heavy. VHF removed, bracket shortened. UHF holding bracket replaced, now it’s back to its position. This job is $135. From this week I quote GST included price to make things simple because I found some people are reluctant to pay extra for tax. Want an invoice or not, bank transfer or cash pay, it’s GST included. I prefer bank transfer, I give customers 2 weeks for the payment.

Avondale VHF-UHF Aerial Replacement Installation

VHF removed, UHF wings broken which has to be replaced by a proper UHF aerial.

This is a regular replacement installation job. The bottom one is VHF antenna, it was no use since December 2013 the Auckland TV digital switch over. The VHF aerial needs to be removed. Normally the bolts and nuts are rusted, we use 6mm blot cutter:) The top one with two iron reflector is a UHF type of TV antenna, but it was broken, the beam carrying wings are gone leaving the single diplexer there. We removed both, install and tuned a new UHF 43 wings antenna, some connectors properly done, wall sockets checked, then signal is through. This job is $185+gst.

Avondale Chimney TV Aerial Mount Removal

Recently I did not post much. Since May 7th we moved into a new workshop so there were a lot of indoor works to do. Adam came to work with me as an apprentice since then. We’ve been working together for a few weeks. Now Adam can do any repair works. This one was done by Adam.

There were VHF and UHF on chimney mount which was rusting and shaking, making noises in windy days. We do not actually need this type of mount any more because we can install it on Sky dish mount, stronger and easier. After the removal, the roof looks neat. The current UHF on type is not in ideal working condition, though it still picks up the signal once we try to remove it from post and re-install it in the new place, parts fall apart. We installed a new UHF for the customer. The price is $195+gst.

West Harbour Attic TV Aerial Installation

It could be impossible to figure out the different signal distribution network when you move into a new house. This West Harbour case is regular. Different cables are setting up in attic travelling to different rooms; We firstly did the UHF installation in attic. In West Harbour, we can receive both Sky Tower and Waiatarua transmitters. We tested both of them in the attic. It turned Waiatarua one is stronger. This is how it was installed. Signal achieved as follow:


Some people have never been to their attic. I suggest you have a regular look: for leak points, broken tile, power lines crossing, lighting, power plugs, CRV, alarm wires, telecom… This time I noticed a failed part of the CRV system: pipe was off from the filter machine body. I reminded the owner to fix it with wide tape. It is blowing air into the attic, not to the house at the moment. I heard irregular noises and I followed until I found the point.

Anyway, back to signal issues, I finally worked out the route:


The job is $200 GST inclusive. The unique problem is interference from internet wire next to two-loop connectors on the wall plate.  Two F-female to PAL-female connectors are the problem. They are not all the way 75Ohm through. They are two weak points in this closed signal distribution system.  I took them apart later to learn my theory is correct. It’s good to read some books occasionally. I got it from an instruction manual. To be honest the only books I’m reading nowadays are manual.


New Zealand products are imported from a large selection of international manufactures, most of them from Australia and China. We are becoming more and more experienced in performances of different accessories. These knowledge help a lot on signal diagnosis jobs. The above connector looks good quality and decent, also in good condition after 14 years since the house was built. They are basically ok for low frequency but when it raises above 500Mhz, especially when it’s next to some other stronger and higher radiations, the connector is acting as a weak point for other signals to penetrate. This time it is a telephone line. I have S:66 Q:70. After this piece, it dropped down to S:44 Q:56. A regular TV could not recognize this level of Freeview signal. I tried to fix the weak point the signal level raised back to S:61 Q:70. Good cable, no quality lost.

Henderson Freeview Signal Repair

This is a regular daily signal repair work. The big no use VHF aerial removed. The amplifier is not necessary any more in most of the cases. Some wall sockets and connectors need to be checked out, it could be a rusted part, could be internet or power line interference. This job is a standard rate of $135+gst.

Kelston UHF TV Aerial Replacement Installation

This kind of replacement installation is typical, almost daily. Some times it was an old VHF, some times it was a broken, failed or rusted UHF different types. We are using bolt cutters to do the removal, it’s simple and straight forward.


Occasionally we have to replace a short piece of cable, or UHF/VHF diplexer removed, amplifier master head removed, and all connectors done again. We have proper connectors for different admissions of coaxial cable. This job is $185; I consider it very reasonable because of the nature of this job: 1. it’s GST inclusive; 2. diesel cost money; 3. we need to go to the roof, there’s always an extra potential danger out there; 4. it talks in total about 2 hours; 5. it’s not setting up it there then it works, it involves tuning which is knowledge and experiences; 6. It includes the aerial, cable, connectors which could easily reach up to $100 for you to buy, not to say the time you have to spend on these.

Please note we do not replace cable inside the wall. I learned some lessons recently that people are not happy because we said we do not replace the cable in-wall, I changed the practice to be testing the existing cable before we do any thing. Once we found a faulty cable, we have to talk to people about the problem, if a new alternative cable is all right, we process to do the aerial installation, otherwise, we have to give it up. Running a new cable inside a built wall is causing more problem than fixing antenna signal issues. It takes hours to make it happen properly and we are not sure the result before we start since we can not see the layout and arrangements inside. In July a customer refuses to pay because he believed that the job is not nearly half done. In August we had another complaint about cabling. We decide to make it clear that we are doing the signal tuning, and antenna tuning, any existing cabling problem is kind of extra. The fact is if we can see the cable, all problem can be tested out and fixed properly; while anything hidden, we’d rather stay away from it. It seems like I need to learn how to stay away from a certain type of people or jobs.

West Harbour Indoor Yagi UHF Antenna Installation

UwPA Indoor Outdoor Antenna UHF Japanese Yagi

This is another indoor antenna installation. Recently we used them for other commercial locations like reception area, lobby and meeting rooms. This case is a West Harbour house. This is a 20 years old house. The attic cabling route got lost over the renovation of insulation replacement. This bedroom is the only place they watch TV so an indoor antenna like the UwPA is ideal. The cost of this installation is $165. If you buy this antenna from our workshop, it’s $75.

Ranui New UHF TV Aerial Installation

Install a new aerial on the back of the dish is an easy way to get Freeview HD, through the same dish cable. Cost of this type of installation is $265 GST inclusive.


Massey New UHF TV Aerial Installation

I modified the regular hockey stick mount so we can make installations easier. It is a simple idea using U bolt and holding bracket to attach it to anything round, as long as it’s diameter is smaller than the mount base. This kind of new UHF aerial installation is $245. If there’s only one cable going down, we can combine both satellite and UHF antenna signal, it costs extra $25


Broken UHF Aerial Replacement

Broken arrow, this is serious. Oh no, not really, my mistake, it’s broken aerial, just a few days no TV, not a big deal.


Both are UHF, digital type, able to receive digital terrestrial Freeview signal. The problem is the top one is not capable enough, the bottom one got the aerial major part the diplexer missing. We have to remove both of them, put up a new one. Cost is $195+gst. This job is regular daily. In most of the cases, we will change all the connectors and some splitters to full band 5-2400Mhz which is ok for both FM, Freeview and Satellite.

Kumeu Trailer Home New Antenna And TV Wall Mounting


To install an antenna to a trailer home is no different than regular houses. This is $265 for aerial, mount, cabling, TV tuning, GST inclusive. The customer got two of her own wall bracket. We have a Bosch wall scanner to properly detect where is the best and strong location to mount the bracket. It takes some time and measurement, plus we have to save a selection of bolts and spacer for different size TV and brackets. The cost of this job is $135+gst.

Massey Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

If you have these installations like this Massey house one, while you got no signal, we charge $135+gst for the repair work. If I have to add extra cable in each room, it’s $7.5 each piece. If I have to replace connector of the wall socket, it’s extra $10 each for the time. A signal distribution splitter costs $10, $15 or $20 for two, three or four rooms distribution.

Kelston Deaf Education Center TV Aerials Installation

There ARE some other more interesting and more lucky deals. This time I got three installation and connection jobs to do together in one time from a special school, of course, I have to offer a major discount since the school is on a tight budget. I tried to do as much as I can. Kelston Deaf Education Center. Last time the other school I served is BLENNZ

1. 2 VHF removed, 1 broken dish removed.

2. 3 new aerials installed, two on one building.


and 1 on an independent house for temporary accommodation.
3. a terrestrial Freeview HD box is connected in the reception area

Replacement installations are easy, cabling is the true headache. It takes too much time each day. Extra thoughts of the day: There’s a meeting room where a lot of projectors, tv, screens, speaker systems, DVD players all connected together. One young fellow offered me some help of finding which is which but one time he was asked to stop bothering me by a teacher while actually he as allowed previously by another, I felt sorry for him. He tried to explain but the teach treated him like he’s lying. This reminded me of the old school days. The other teacher treated him like he knows nothing, only giving trouble to people. I do not quite like teachers, to be frank. I was probably a good student in general standard, now I admit that I pretended to be good for too long in those school days, that was enough for the whole life.

Hillsborough TV Aerials Removal

This house was previously rented out for a few years, after different tenants the roof. And there’s no Freeview signal in the three major rooms. We have to remove something and do the wiring checks all over again.

  1. Two dishes are removed, one for Optus D2, one for the VisionAsia satellite. The blank cable is used for Optus D1 signal and Freeview aerial signal later on.
  2. The owner wants 4 room connection while the top UHF is not receiving enough signal strength and quality for a 4 points distribution, so a new 43-element regular aerial is installed for the 3rd and 4th room. Now there are 4 rooms connected to Freeview terrestrial signal, 3 rooms are connected to OptusD1 Freeview satellite signal.

The roof is properly sealed for waterproofing. There’s one more chimney aerial mount which was painted the same colour as chimney hidden there, it is removed as well, holes sealed.  The whole thing is $400+gst. I went over twice because the first time we tried hard to share the top aerial to 4 rooms, we made it up to 3, but once the 4th is connected, the signal’s gone for all of them. The second time we installed a new aerial then everywhere got a good signal.

The minor problem is that I was called today learning that the basement tenant room goes no signal. They moved a new TV there to test but still no. Yes of course there’s no signal because it is a satellite signal cable in this room. It has to be connected to a satellite receiver. The box interface was in Chinese, I changed it to English and made it works last time. It could be some setting mistakes of the box, not the signal.

Glen Eden TV Aerial Installation

We were called because of this failed VHF. In fact, this is not the only one, here come the other two. People told me the dish was there for probably 20 years.

First fell down one is analog VHF aerial, it’s heavy. If there’s a chance, remove it from roof or weatherboard. It’s adding too much pressure on your board or roof which obviously you do not want; There are ll removed. One mount with a stay was left for new UHF aerial. I will be called back for 2nd and 3rd room signal connection. It is about extra budget and time, for now, is about clear out the storage, there’s no space for me to move around at all:)

Blockhouse Bay TV Aerial Signal Repair

I quoted $135 for this job. Things are always turned out to be more complicated. When I arrived I feel it’s going to be difficult. There are three things: dish, UHF, VHF; I suppose to only take care of UHF signal but I can not hold myself from doing the removal first. So this VHF and rusted chimney mount is gone from sight first. It has to disappear, otherwise, it seems like I can not focus on the signal fix, this is a bad habit which caused more time for every of my fix job.


And next is this UHF, it looks not in good condition. I’d rather install a new one by I feel I could not revise the quotation to offer a more expensive alternative plan. So I managed to get some reflected signal from the bay, somewhere, I have no idea where they are bounced back, probably Mangere, anyway who cares.


The client wants the signal to be available in three rooms, using dish cable. This is all right until I know a desperately powered amplifier is a must.  Eventually, we make the whole thing $135+gst for three rooms, some extra cable connection, and a decent amplifier. I wanted to finish it before dark, it was done until 7:30 pm. This should not be a reference price. I have to do a similar type next time about $175+gst for time, efforts, & products used. In fact, in cases like this, it’s good to do the whole installation thing again, just use the original roof mount. A new aerial, new cable all over, it can be $200.

Hillsborough Freeview Aerials

On this Hillsborough house, there are two aerials, all look in terrible conditions, do you believe this rusted dipole works? Yes, it is! After some cleanup, and the signal reception is perfectly high, as high as a new aerial could reach to. The number two longer aerial deserves a proper cable connection. Now came the boring part, no, the exciting part of this job: removal! I started to feel a bit excited using the bolt cutter, which became a must to do this job properly. It gives me a feeling that you are destroying an ugly object hanging up high for quite a while.

Glen Eden: TV Siangl Repair, Wall Plate Trouble

TV wall plates might cause a dramatic signal lost, same as the last meter of cable connection from wall plate to TV. Many of the plates look like this one, which I do not like. In this case, I have to replace it, together with the circuit board attached.

Whenever possible, use this type:

Henderson Freeview Aerial Installed on Dish Mount

This Henderson job is $195+gst for installation and aerial. The aerial is installed on a dish mount. The cable is connected directly. I gave the customer an extra short connection cable with proper connectors for free. I normally send people to invoice the same night which is due in two weeks.

Swanson New Freeview Aerial Installation

There was a smaller aerial right above the door. The cabling was improperly done, the connections were wrong, and cable quality is not ideal. Recently they want to connect Freeview to the second and third room. Signal to living room’s Igloo box is already a week, picture and sounds kept cutting in & off. For a 3-room distribution, the current aerial is obviously too small. The eave is not a whole piece of solid wood, the hockey stick is vibrating visibly. The solutions have to be a bigger aerial in a stronger position.

Firstly we thought the fence could be an ideal solid base for a much longer pole. Later we believe that the neighbour might be not happy with this idea. So we found this garage & car park column. The signal is perfect:

The pole is solidly mounted. 

The smaller one removed.

The cable distribution, I crawled into the “basement” to work on all the cable connections. Lesson learned: I need a fully covered work suit and elbow guards.

Bethells Beach TV Aerial Installation

I thought I know a bit about aerial installations, I thought the higher the better…not exactly.

Last week there was a Bethells Beach installation, I did not even know over there which kind of signal level I have to expect. First Saturday I thought I can take the rest of the day off after visiting the site. Beyond my expectation, there was a signal, quality over 60%, but not in all the locations. I tested everywhere, the sleep out units, the main house roof and the ground. There’s on the ideal location, aerial pointing through a space between some bushes. So we decided to do a ground-mounted installation.

Three days later I went back with a ground mount and a 3-meter high pole. I tested carefully to find that ideal point, set up the pole high with aerial on the top. Surprisingly, there’s no signal, when I lower down the aerial to a level about 2 meters high, we got 60%; when the aerial is about 1.5 meters high, it dropped down to around 40%.

Henderson Valley Aerial Installation

A simple design of chimney mount; All the improper connectors and splitters; After all these are replaced with correct types, hard reboot tv, do a auto-tuning.

Blockhouse Bay TV Aerial Signal Repair

This job is just 10 minutes walk from my workshop. Typically it is a UHF/VHF mix.

It’s good to work between 6-8 pm, rather than 3-6 pm. So here came the mixer, I collected a lot of them, removing all the tiny bolts and nuts, keep the plastic box for other uses for example an outdoor splitter. While the neighbour’s roof needs some cleanup, it’s too much for a decent roof:)

Blockhouse Bay Independent Aerial Ground Mount

This customer does not want any damage to his house. The aerial mask could not be attached on the roof, under an eave or on the sidewall. I made this ground-mounted independent pole for the 43-element aerial.

The ground mount is 1.2 meters long, 90cm inserted down into the earth.

The pole has to be absolutely vertical to support the perfect aerial direction.

The total height is 3.2 meters.

Te Atatu North Cabling Job


Firstly I have to admit that I wanted to take this small job for Sam to practice some cabling practices. This is why I accepted the three things together: RG6 TV signal extension, speaker wire extension and an extra telephone wire from one room to another, all together $135 including the cable supplies!! Even before I learn the distance. The lesson I learned is that we need splitter, connector, but most importantly, a telephone outlet anyway.

Sam had to go back the second day with a telephone outlet of $19.59 bought from Ideal Electrical Suppliers to finish the job. Anyway, the lady was tough, she’s not going to pay any extra so I had to keep it $100 as the original.

All right, the real price could be: if the customer provides all the necessary cables, labour will be $120 within the first 1.5 hours. Extra 30 minutes is $50. We have to charge all used accessories, prices according to our retail price in our online shopping cart which is much cheaper than Ideal. In our business, it’s hard to give a 100% clear before we go to check out the situation. It is normal to change it a bit on site. I had been trying to keep it as much to original as possible because we want business anyway. However since it took time to go there, we do not want to leave empty-handed. Some customers are good at taking this advantage of bargaining on site. They tried to hide the complicity before you actually go there, only to discover that the case is much different a story. So what can you do once you are there? I believe most trade people will try to offer lower extra or minor adjustment just trying to make it happen immediately rather than leaving. Then the customer win, they basically get a better deal. The truth is if we technicians know that it’s such a complicated job, we will quote higher.

Sam and I will make it as clear as possible before we start the job. Otherwise, we are learning how to give up some jobs. Recently we had troubles giving up some type of jobs. It seems like once you are hooked to some unreasonable people, it’s much harder to get away, even without any payment. My next post will be about someone using Nocowboys website as a weapon against honest trade people, and he did it well.

Pt Chevalier UHF Replacement Installation

Pt Chevalier rental property UHF aerial replacement installation. We check the left UHF, the diplexer is not functioning so we have to remove it and set up a new proper digital UHF aerial. The right one was removed, it is old VHF;


New UHF aerial, cable properly connected. For old installations like this, it’s not normally as easy as it looks to be. The headache is usually from cabling and some distribution hub somewhere. It took another 30 minutes for us to find a 2-way splitter. It was replaced as well of course, and two centre connector on wall sockets replaced. Total is $185 GST inclusive. 1.5 hours on the job. Old mount and VHF removed, cut into pieces.

West Harbor UHF Aerial Installation


This west harbor installation is $265 gst inclusive, we have revised the regular hockey stick mount to fit it back to sky dish.

Bethells Beach Satellite Dish Installation

Bethells Beach is a tricky area for UHF terrestrial signal reception. Constantly we have problems getting decent UHF signal. In one case I achieved it once, we got UHF digital signal in Bethells Beach, very close to the Western coast. In this Sunday case we failed to get hold of terrestrial digital signal. The last option is to receive Freeview satellite channels in standard definition. This a $250 gst inclusive for a second hand Sky dish installation, we provide a new roof mount.

Second hand Sky dish is the best dishes available for Auckland weathers. We got them from people who do renovation or new roofing. Please remember to watch Freeview satellite channels, we need a satellite receiver box, if you have one, it’s good, otherwise it cost extra $85 from us, including the tuning works.

It is a new roof mount but the dish is standard Sky TV dish specially designed for New Zealand weathers, supper quality, the best.

Ranui UHF Dish Back Installation

This type of installation is typical. Price is $265+GST; People like this sky dish mount back UHF TV aerial setting up idea; I can make it better by removing the dish itself:) for free, no worries because in other cases i can install them to other group of customers at $250, what a good deal, to both us and the customers, it’s almost like an idea of sharing the resources.

Kelston New UHF Aerial Installation Chimney Dish Back

Next time I will cut the pole shorter. $245 for this installation. This is a 1200mm hockey still pole. Some area of Kelston have a clear view of Sky Tower. When the aerial is installed vertically, the reflectors are not touching the dish, the pole can be much shorter so it is much lighter, good for it’s long term attaching there on chimney, I believe the simple the better, less trouble in the future, good luck all Weastern Auckland customers, especially along scenic drive and titirange.


New Lynn VHF UHF Replacement Installation

Top one is UHF, the correct digital Freeview aerial, but the aerial reflectors are missing. This type of aerial got double iron mesh reflectors, easy to get rusted out. The bottom one is VHF, it needs to be removed, This VHF technology is gone. $195 for removal of these broken and outdated ones, a new good quality UHF aerial installed back, some connectors checked or replaced, cable network checked through to make sure signal reaches to the TV points without major lost along the way. It take about 1.5 hours.

Kumeu Satellite Dish Installation Oputs D1 Sky TV

This is a satellite dish installation for Sky TV MySky HDi box. We use 10750Mhz LNB  to match the original MySky HDi lnb input setting. The installation price is $250 gst inclusive, including second hand satellite dish, new 10750 LNB, installation and cabling, gst inclusive.


That is the UTE of technician Sam.

Hobsonville Sky TV Dish Signal Check Dish Realignment


After checking we  learned that everything about the dish is fine, the tree in front of the dish is growing bigger over years. We cut off some branches then we have clear alignment to the satellite, problem fixed. $135 cash paid, thanks!

Helensville New UHF Aerial Installation


New aerial UHF installed on satellite dish mount, a powered amplifier master-head attached to pole. We use a one way power pass amplifier to boost the UHF signal, them combined them together, send them over one piece of cable, then a splitter, one end to satellite receiver box, the other way to TV for Freeview HD channels. 

This method is neat and clean, no need new cabling, while you get both type of signal strong and stable. No more extra mount on roof or anywhere. Helensville is not a strong Freeview signal coverage area, we are more likely to use an amplifier.

We constantly have new esquires worrying about quotation change on site, hidden cost like splitters and amplifier. We make small accessories like short piece of cable, connectors, joiners, connection adapters free. There are not much extra hardware we need to put on in this business:
1. wall plate replacement: $20 including labor
2. power amplifier: $65 including installation; indoor simple piece amplifier for one point is $30.
3. signal combiner to put satellite and UHF signal together: $20
4. fly lead with proper connectors: $7.5

This Helensville job is $300:

  • $245 for aerial installation (regular price is $245)
  • $65 for amplifier
  • $20 for one way power pass combiner

Total $330 but we finally made it down to $300 🙁 Anyway, once everything is fixed we are happy to get paid, to see the system is working fine, keeping the Sky for sports and UHF Freeview HD for regular free TV.

Titirangi Sky Dish Signal Check

Titirangi Sky TV dish no signal, poor signal reception check and repair. Please note we do not have a call out fee, it’s based on no fix no pay. If we spent two hours but the signal issue is not fixed, we are sorry we wasted your time, you do not have to pay any. These cases are not happening much, the latest one was that a major splitter was sealed inside the cabinet after house renovation.

This Titirangi customer got a weak Sky signal: we worried if it was because of the trees in front of it. It was not, the satellite signal is from above in the space, it’s quite high, then reflected by the dish to the LNB, so you see there’s an angle. He thought it could be a dish too small, do not worry about this either, 65cm Sky dish is perfect size for Optus D1, is all NZ weathers. By the way, it’s not allowed to install any dish bigger than 75cm in diameter. Bigger ones have to be ground mounted. He bought a 90cm dish, not helping. You can talk to us before you decide to buy any signal related hardware. This case is a simple regular dish realignment $135+gst.

New Lynn Freeview TV Aerial Installation Replacement Of Broken UHF

New Lynn Freeview installation: replacement of faulty broken UHF and satellite signal combination. People could not do the aerial installations properly by DIY because terrestrial signal travels wired ways in many locations. It could be even interesting to us as we are doing these testing as daily routines. We relay on signal meters to decide the best possible location.

Te Atatu Peninsula New UHF Installation

Te Atatu Peninsula roof aerial installation, the aerial is pointing to Sky tower receiving vertical signal broadcasting. This installation is $265 gst inclusive including aerial, mount, installation work, cable connection from aerial to the attic where it is connected to the existing RG6 cabling network. The signal will be distributed from there to multiple rooms. If your wall plates are the proper ones, $265 is all you have to pay. In case wall plate is faulty, it’s $20 to replace it.

Glendene TV Aerial Repair and Replacement

$135 for the VHF removal, UHF aerial check and signal repair; In this case the UHF is in a not so good condition, but  i’s still worknig. The landlord decided not to replace it at the moment.

Riverhead Freeview Aerials Signal Check and Repair

This is a normal case that over time the antenna system gave up over years. The top one is VHF for analog, the bottom smaller one is UHF for digital signal. Why there are too of them? There was a short period that both analog and digital signal are transfered at the same time, for different channels, to receive all Freeview channels, you need two aerials, but only for a year or so then it was totally digital.

This job is $135 gst inclusive. 1. To remove top VHF; 2. to check and connect bottom UHF; 3, check cabling through; 4. TV tuning

Can you do it by yourself? Most likely no, there is some thing about the cable connections, I can not explain you more about these, we make a living based on these knowledge, tools and experiences.

Riverhead Roof UHF Aerial Installation

$265 gst inclusive for a roof UHF aerial  installation. After installation a signal cable is leaded to attic where it is connected to multiple rooms through a signal splliter.

West Harbour New TV Aerial Installation

This is a new UHF aerial installed on fascia board in West Harbour for a new built house. A 8-way splitter to send signal to 8 rooms. We always use existing cable network to transfer signal. It is impossible to do new inside the wall cabling. Price for this job is $265+gst for mount, aerial, installation and 8 way splitter.