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Personaly Information

Currently we do not collection any personal information about you when you visit the website. In the email communications we will save your email address any other information you provided in our CRM system so next time if you contact us again, we know the history. This practice is to improve our service quality.

We promise that we will not sell these information to any third party. We may use them only by us to assist in providing more meaningfull information about a product or service you might be interested.


These terms and conditions apply to the sale of goods by Kiwi Antennas Limited. and all offers made by us in relation to the our goods unless varied, amended or canceled by an officer or duly authorised representative of us. Where goods vary, we will at all times ensure any replacement offered is of equal or greater value.

You are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions herein by placing an order with us. We agree to be bound solely by the terms and conditions herein, and further agrees that any Terms and Conditions of purchase that may be incorporated in any order, acceptance of quotation or any other document delivered by the customer, shall, unless those Terms and Conditions are agreed to in writing by the Vendors authorised representative, have no legal effect. Unless otherwise specified, terms of trade are ex-warehouse.

More detail information is coming soon.

Please E-mail us: for more assistance if it is necessary.