UwPA Yagi Indoor Outdoor UHF Antenna

The Japanese Yagi antenna “UWPA” indoor outdoor UHF, total shipments in Japan and overseas of UwPA series has reached 200,000 units in December 2012. Broadband, high gain at this size, good maneuverability. The Yagi antenna “UWPA”.





  • Support for digital terrestrial broadcast reception
    The adoption of the new development to realize broadband and high gain “twin panel method” (PAT.P.).
    Good reception performance is obtained over the entire UHF band for terrestrial digital broadcasting. (Power-up is UwPA UHF13ch ~ 52ch)
  • Innovative stylish design: By Cover with plastic case antenna element, and update the image of the TV antenna. It is the stylish design which matches the room installation.
  • Directional flexible, easily to be attached, indoor and outdoor use.
  • The Stand in consideration of indoor installation is also included. Direction adjustment at the time of installation is easy because the wide directive angle further.
  • Twin panel system


Indoor use: