Under Eave Mount

The under eave mounts are designed with satellite dish or Freeview aerial installers and home owners in mind. The mounts attach to any exposed rafter tail. The easy bolt mounting system minimizes install time. No more silicone, pivot bolts left unenlightened, cable wrapping gutters, or roof concerns for home owners. Get peace of mind for both the installers and home owners.

The idea is to mount them under the eave, attaching to an exposed tail rafter. Giving many options for installers in areas with tile & stucco homes, or any home requesting a non-penetrating option. Works with satellite dish under 60cm in diameter.

The under eave mount opens many options as to where the installer can locate the satellite dish. When you have limited mounting areas, an Under Eave Mount can give you many more options. Designed to mount under an eave, this mount attaches to an exposed tail rafter.

It is great for tile roofs and stucco homes.

  • Key Features of the under eave mounts are:
  • No Roof Penetration
  • Installs In Less Time
  • Will NOT Void Roof Warranties
  • Minimizes Liability
  • Minimal Cable Exposure
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Made in New Zealand