Flat TV Wall Mount Installation

Fixed TV wall mount medium 37-65″ mount

  • Medium size, accommodating LED,LCD panels from 37″ up to 70″
  • Features a 75kg maximum weight carrying capacity
  • Universal 600X400 mounting compliant
  • Double stud mounting
  • Mounting hardware is included to guarantee a hassle free install
  • Mounting profile: 36mm
  • Black powdercoat finish

Before installation we have to do AC scan, metal scan, stud wide and depth scan to properly mark out installation points. Some times we make extra holes on wall bracket to fit in wall structure. If it’s concrete wall we have proper hammer drills and expansion bolts. Concrete wall mount is actually much easier than general wall installation.

We have two types of regularly used wall mount bracket. Installation prices are:

  • $185: 42” and above.
  • $165: 37” and smaller

How big a TV should I buy? Check this easy calculation formula; If you need us to hook up all your media player, amplifier, speaker systems, projectors, we charge extra $50 for basically about one hour’s job. We have optical audio wire, HDMI cable, component and composite AV wire, speaker wire, telephone cable in work Ute.

Our Skills and Knowledge:

  • CA360 Coaxial cabling
  • CI310 Communication
  • CS310 Customer relations
  • EL320 Earthing
  • EN320 Enterprise information systems
  • MA310 Basic mathematics
  • NE310 Network equipment
  • OH310 Occupational health and safety
  • OH320 Safe handling
  • PE320 Remote work
  • PS310 Plans and specifications
  • PS320 Basic building trades
  • RA310 Radio frequency theory and hazards RC310 Riggers certificate
  • RE310 Working on non-enterprise land
  • TC310 Tower climbing
  • TF310 Test equipment
  • TO310 Use of tools
  • TO320 Anti-static procedures
  • TO330 Installation practices

There ARE good quality TV bracket of smart design properly manufactured indeed. You just need to find them. My years of expertise in the business enables me to choose the ideal design and quality TV bracket from different choices available.

  • Design has to be smart and flexible: Do not assume that you won’t move TV, won’t change wires… People always change their ideas, nothing last forever so let’s be reasonably flexible.
  • Good quality screws: Wherever possible, find the same standard better quality stainless steel screws to replace the original ones. You won’t regret of it later, believe me. Screws always make a difference.
  • Installation procedures and workmanship: Lag screws, self-expansion screws, inserts, tiny supporting holes all count! It has to be done right in the first place. This requires carefulness and skills. Of course correct tools.
  • The following simple new design of TV wall installation kit makes installation super easy than ever. Note the support stand which make AV wire connection much easier. One transitional headache is that one a heavy TV bracket is installed and TV mounted on it, it’s hard to flip over the TV when you need to change all the wiring arrangements. In many cases you have to take the TV down completed, connect the wires and put it back. One many can even make it.
  • The following design just need four mounting point, with a steel wire holding the weight of TV. When you change wiring, erect the support stand then you have space to work on it.
  • We constantly keep some universal flat TV bracket with me. Whenever needed, we are ready to offer them at reasonable prices. These selective brackets are shipped over from China factory directly to me so there’s no middle man or trading company profits, you can buy them much cheaper from me. Labor is not counted if you bought aerial or dish installation already.
  • We ordered and designed some other aerial and dish installation brackets from this manufacture as well, each time with new shipment, I order some extra TV brackets so I always have them in stock. We will take more photos of new design good quality TV brackets and explain whey these designs are better than others on the market.

We do flat TV wall mount installations and FM radio antennasinstallation beside regular Freeview HD UHF TV aerial and SkyTV satellite dish installations.

We have our own installation workshop to modify and manufacture special installation mounts for each house. Together with our quotation, we offer a basic drawing illustration to show you how we are going to perform the installation work so you know the final result before you make a decision. How a dish is installed is equally important as the quality of dish. Poorly installed dishes are going to give you endless trouble. It’s going to t cost your much more money to repair it too. Some important things you should consider before an installation:

  1. Method;
  2. Location;
  3. Cabling;
  4. Signal Distribution;
  5. Aerial and dish quality;
  6. Safety

We count them all together before an installation work. We will exam the case carefully and explain to you all the options before we make an installation plan decision together.

All our installation works follow ICTTC standard procedures.

  • ICTTC 170A Follow OHS and environmental policy and procedures DBCDE
  • ICTTC 140B Use hand and power tools DBCDE
  • ICTTC 011D Place, secure and terminate coaxial cable DBCDE
  • ICTTC 156A Install digital reception equipment DBCDE
  • ICTTC 163A Install a satellite system DBCDE
  • ICTTC 157A Locate and rectify digital reception equipment faults DBCDE
  • ICTTC 053D 053A Train customers Cert II
  • ICTTC 173A Plan, organise and undertake work activities
  • ICTTC 136C Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling
  • ICTTC 164A Install a terrestrial antenna DBCDE
  • ICTTC 015D Locate and Identify cable system faults DBCDE
  • ICTTC 017D Alter services to existing cable system DBCDE
  • ICTTC 095D Conduct radio frequency measurements DBCDE
  • ICTTC 165A Install a complex digital reception system DBCDE
  • ICTTC 162A Install a cable lead in Cert III
  • ICTTC 137C 137AInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling:

Department of Communications and the Arts 2017

Pre-wiring / Cabling

  1. Freeview and satellite signal system;
  2. Telephone system;
  3. Internet LAN and wifi systems;