TV & Satellite Signal Diplexer

Do you know that we can actually transfer both satellite dish signal and Freeview UHF terrestrial signal via one cable?

This TV and Satellite signal combiner is very helpful especially when cabling is difficult. It saves time and money for the extra cabling. There won’t be any signal lost because satellite signal and UHF signal are transmitted on different frequencies.


Satellite signal is on frequency of 950-2500Mhz, while UHF signal is on frequency of 5-860Mhz.


It works this way: one to combine the signal, while the other to separate the signal, they are always working as a pair. The left is a satellite signal meter, the right one is a UHF terrestrial signal meter, both are showing absolutely good signal quality after the pair of diplexer. The small UHF is Japanese brand Yagi UwPA compact superior quality UHF outdoor antenna. Satellite signal is from Optus D1 which is both SkyTV and Freeview satellite feed.