Tuakau SkyTV Dish Signal Lost

Windy area, dish position was moved, the screws have to squeeze the bracket until it changes shape a bit to secure a tight mount. It good to sit on the roof enjoying the view for a while. Some customers do not like us to fix the problem soon because they might feel it’s much easier than they expected, so if it’s an obvious problem which do not take much time for me, I have to take my time, like enjoying the view for a while, in the meantime, I found this mount interesting:

Not only the dish position, the cable was not one whole piece. Under the floor it was connected to a black one which used to be used for UHF aerial. After testing, half part is replaced. This job is $110 including 15 meters cable replacement and transportation, it applies only when I’m interested in the unique case, or a particular location. A 100km round trip drive and three hours:(