South Auckland TV Aerial Installations

South Auckland TV jobs from signal repair, broken aerial replacement to new UHF installations. You find plenty of TV aerial work samples. Some are probably your next door neighbors. If you are after some TV signal repair job, new TV aerial installations, cabling works or new TV point extension, we are your No.1 choice in South Auckland.

Onehunga TV Aerial Installation

This was last Friday’s installation. Customer is happy that no new mount was installed. $245 gst inclusive for aerial, mount, tuning, cabling check and TV tuning. VHF and UHF two aerial on roof, with a mixer. It’s not easy to bring the huge VHF down.


Onehunga New TV Aerial Roof Installation

Originally the customer wanted us to install a second hand sky dish with roof mount for Freeview. This was agreed as $250 in total including supplies and installation work. I thought he has the satellite receiver box and he wants the flexibility to watch occasionally Sky’s sports channels. When we checked on site we found that’s not the case. The customer is not aware that he needs an extra box, and the channels are less than Freeview HD which is only available from terrestrial signal by UHF aerial.

$265 we did the new UHF TV aerial installation for them. This is a commercial facility. The TV is for the lobby. You might want to know how it is attached to your roof.


Aerial, the roof mount, labor, tuning, cabling, and TV tuning all together it is $265+gst. I think it’s a deal. Last week I end up spending the same kind of money trying to fix one of my toilet. The retail prices for spare parts and way too higher than the cost from professional installers, not to mention the time and sweat. I end up with a wrench I probably won’t use it again for a long time.

Weymouth VHF to UHF TV Aerial Replacement Installation

This is a regular fascia board aerial installation. Ideally any hockey stick longer than 600mm requires at least one extra support beam attached to roof. In many cased they are not. This one is a 1200mm pole. The heavy VHF did not make the base loose, thanks to the hard timber fascia. The job is first remove the VHF antenna, then set up and tune the new UHF aerial. This is after:

Some people might want to try this by themselves to save a bit money. The point is that you probably won’t. To set up the aerial properly you need cable connection tools, the signal meter, and connectors, adapters, splitters. Borrow a long ladder somewhere too. After the “correct” installation, you might still experience week signal, next step you might want to go to the basement or attic to check cabling, do not hurt yourself in this part, and be careful not another manhole on your ceiling. In the end, how much do you think you can save from the $195 gst inclusive price?


$65 extra based on standard $225 new installation you can upgrade the regular 43-xu UHF aerial to this Japanese Hitachi outdoor UHF. Hitachi is top designer and manufacture of UHF antenna, indoor and outdoor. This U-LD3 is much lighter, good material made, no coating and painting, pure mixed metal made, it means you do no have to replace it a few years later because of metal rusting and printed circuit broken over Auckland weather, especially the sunshine. The diplexer is not make out of printed circuit at all. Total $290 gst inclusive.


Mangere Bridge VHF+UHF+Satellite

This Mangere Bridge customer installed his UHF antenna this way. In a super strong signal coverage area, the UHF probably receives some signal, but not here. I was told it was a simple installation, everything is there, I just need to do the tuning. The reality is like this:

What I really need to do is to remove the two VHF, the combiner, the old cable, and top half of the mast.

I had to stay on the roof under a sudden shower because it is very slippy in raining. After the works it looks like the above. Do not put tape to wrap the splitters,  they are not going to prevent water coming in. Instead, it holds the water then the splitters fail sooner than regular connection, check the result:

Pakuranga SkyTV Multiple Rooms Cabling Signal Distribution


MySky HDi channels were distributed to other rooms via a RF Modulator and 4-way splitter for now. In one bed room customer wants to have the flexibility to watch both TV1 the Freeview channels and MySky sports channels, there’s a satellite receiver there already. So I used a combiner to integrate satellite signal and RF modulated signal and tried to find out the cable to the bed room, put them together. In the bed room I put a 2-way splitter, one for receiver box, one for TV. After the cable TV scan we found the MySky channel, same as the one displayed in lounge. This job is $185.

Goodwood Heights Manukau Dish Aerial Installation

Owner is renovating the house. Dish and aerials were removed. Builder tried to install dish back in the other side of the roof. Of course he got no signal; I found it was installed totally the wrong way. We need proper screws for tin roof, and dish lnb was placed the opposite direction:)

The aerials were all not in good conditions so I talked to the owner to take this chance to replace them all. I asked 175 for the installation, and we agreed $75 extra I will give a new UHF aerial. So total is $250.


Clendon Park New Roof UHF Aerial Installation

Friday there were two jobs assigned from Ray White: One from Remurea office for a Otahuhu repair job, one from Manukau for a Clendon Park property signal check or replacement. This is the Clendon Park job. When we went there, the no signal reason is simple. The mount and aerials are all broken. There were 3 different aerials installed in different phases. I was always wondering why the previous installers were not removing the previous failed aerials. There’s one good reason was in a short period that both analog and digital signal were transferred over air. This case there were three of them, all not in good condition. One obvious reason is that I found many installers were not willing to do extra works like remove, the rusted parts, neat cabling and some other roof cares.

First thing we have to do is to remove these rubbishes from roof and properly seals the holes left behind using proper screws and water proof rubber washers. Then a totally new installation. Next is to combine both UHF and dish signal so they goes from one RG6 cable network. This job is $260 for new aerial, the roof mount, signal combiner.

Two Karaka TV Aerial Installations

I installed two aerials for two newly built houses. The builder did not leave either satellite TV nor Freeview cable outside of the houses, instead, there are a roll of cable left in ceiling. A dish must to be in an outside position pointing to satellites. For an aerial, if it is not a tin roof, or any type of metal roofing, an aerial could be installed in the ceiling. The terrestrial signal actually penetrates the tile roofs. It caused a lot of time for me to get the cable leads out of the roofs. I installed the aerials in the same postion for two houses.

This is house number one, got no signal problem at all, perfect reception. This is house number two:

The customer called me next said that there’s a problem for TV3, it’s glitchy, all other channels are fine.

I’m thinking could it because that the aerial fell down on the ground once in the process of installation, i corrected the damaged parts and I installed it up there anyway. I know that corrosion might cause this problem, so some metal parts bending might cause the same issue anyway, I think I’d better to replace the aerial the other day.

Solution: yes, I went back on 10th Friday, I replaced the aerial, I checked the damaged parts, all minor crashes and bending, curved a bit…I don’t think it matters much in a good signal coverage area.

After the new one set up, we checked all the channels, all working fine except TV3.  Then I suddenly noticed that we are not using a Freeview built in DTV television. I almost forgot that it is through a DishTV freeview box when the customer said that the video is not really HD. I told him it is because that he’s not using a HDMI connection. At this moment I got an idea of what’s going on.

I immediately went to the DishTV box’s menu, did a factory reset and Auto Search, after that TV3 works perfectly well without any problem. This was caused by the old memory storage of frequencies from the box, which are not matching the correct signal inputs.

The customer used a indoor antenna before the installation, so the box has to be completely reset to receive the correct stronger, much lower error rate signal inputs. This is quite a lesson, next time when I see a Freeview box before our installation, I will reset it first, a simple Auto Search won’t fix the potential mistakes, it has to be a totally FACTORY DEFAULT RESET!

Flat Bush TV Aerial Replacement

I finally got some luck by the end of the day. It is a flat house aerial replacement, easy access, fast replacement. The old VHF aerial is a good quality one which even picks up some digital channels, but not all of them. I put a hat on the pole because water is going to do the rusting job slowly, the mount will be rusted inside out. Normally I also replace the original crews with the one I can tighten up by a wrench, much stronger than hand turned types.

Two rooms need Freeview, me and the customer spent half an hour fingur out the chaos cabling network. The critical parts for this job is the TV tuning.

I recently found that a simple auto tuning will left some possible signal issues for some unique channels like TV3. The TV has to be completely power disconnected, connected back in a few minutes, which we call a complete hard reboot, after that we have to do a factory default reset. In this second TV’s case, it is called “Plug & Play”! After all these, a auto DTV scanning will find all the channels without any view issues. This practice totally erase the incorrect frequency number savings in the TV’s decoder memory. If you have some views issues like picture and sound cutting in and out, try this practice first.

Pakuranga Aerial Replacement

Finally there’s one installation after removal in Pakuranga:

Whenever I consider a job easy, there are new problems coming. No. 1 is that there were 3 old connectors hidden everywhere; No.2 is that no rooms is connected.  I had to crawled into basement to do two of them, and replacing the wall plates. It took extra 2 hours, the installation is 30 minutes.

Pakuranga TV Aerial Replacement Installation


Pakuranga standard VHF to UHF replacement installation, $185

Manurewa New UHF TV Aerial Roof Installation

Manurewa new UHF roof installation. $250+gst including connection cable to attic, 4-way splitter to 4 points, and two TV tuning. One flylead connection for free. Eftpos paid on site. The installation took about 1.5 hours.

Papakura New U-LD3 Hitachi UHF TV Aerial Installation

U-LD3 Hitachi outdoor compact UHF TV aerial installation. $285 gst inclusive.

Manurewa Dish Fix & New Aerial Installaton

Satellite signal was weak, barely locked. It was because that the LNB is not positioned correctly for the frequency polarization. Turn it to correct position, signal quality reaches upto 3 times than before. Afterwards the signal is distributed into three points. The house was in rental for a few years and there are different installation here and there. Those mounts out of use are removed.

Flat Bush Attic TV Aerial Installation

There are 4 cable leads left in attic 5 meters away from the access under. There’s another one connected to SkyTV dish on the other side. We can install the aerial under the slate tiles without sacrificing any signal reception.

There is no so called “radiation” from the attic antenna. UHF aerial is not power connected and it’s not transmitting anything into the air. It collects signal in air, gather them, amplify them and transfer it via coaxial cable to your TV.  It does not matter if there’s a UHF antenna, the TV transmission signal is always there. You do not have to worry about it at all.

I used a flat UHF aerial because it has a direct reflector which is more likely to gather signal bouncing around. There’s no space for a longer outdoor UHF anyway. The signal is good, we have upto 70% signal quality. Flat Bush area is kind of flat without major obstacles to west tramsmitter. 4 rooms are connected. This job is $175+gst=201.25. I accept bank transfer in two weeks.

East Tamaki 2 UHF Installations

The first aerial is installed above a Sky dish. The customer is not using SkyTV so we can connect the cable directly through a 1-in-2-out splitter

The second aerial is on Sky dish mount directly.

Thanks SkyTV for the mounts and cabling. The two installations are $265 x 2.

Papakura Tin Roof TV Aerial Attic Installation

Do you think it’s possible to install a UHF inside under this tin roof?

Yes it’s possible and the signal is quite good. It reached 71% signal quality level, I did not expect this result at all.

It is probably because that this Papakura house is located at height.

Karaka Indoor Japanese Yagi TV Aerial Installation

A new house under construction, builder asked me to install the aerial when the scaffold is still there. We talked about installation position. The builder do not know that we can actually install the aerial inside the house, somewhere in the attic. However, this house go no attic. Eventually we found this place.


This is how the antenna is installed. It’s a Japanese Yagi indoor outdoor antenna, ideal for cases like today. In Japan it is designed for balcony installation on guard railings. Price for this installation is 250+gst. It is a good practice that antenna is installed when the wiring work is being done for a new house.

Flat Bush Attic Installation & Wall Sockets

This Flat Bush job is regular. In this area a lot of new houses are being built. Most of the roof are using natural materials rather than metal sheets. The aerial could be installed in attic. There are 5 cables going to each rooms. A regular 43-element outdoor antenna is good enough to support 5 rooms here. Everything is fast and quick and easy until the wall sockets. They are all the wrong PAL type, inside it’s like this:

They are naked, exposure to close by power wires and sockets. We lost by average 25dB signal here. The signal sockets are supposed be kept a distance from power wires, not to say the cable needs to be properly shielded. All sockets are re-done, $10 for each plus a 1-1.5 meter connection cable with PAL mate converter. Total is 175+50=$225+gst.

Flat Bush VHF+UHF to UHF TV Aerial Replacement Installation


This is a VHF+UHF integrated antenna for Freeview in Flat Bush. This antenna is not functioning properly after digital switch of last December. It has to be replaced by a new UHF antenna.

Manukau VHF-UHF Signal Repair

This one is quite regular: VHF – UHF – Combiner, rusted brackets, position re-tune, connector replacement, extension, wall plate check. We do these at $120, gst inclusive. This one was a bit difficult because the house was renovated recently, electrician left cable from wall plate to attic, instead of basement where the old connections were. I had to get signal cable going through the roof somehow to connect them together.

Takanini TV Aerial Roof Mounted Installation


Takanini new built house roof TV aerial installation. Price is $265 gst inclusive for a new aerial, a set of proper roof mount, cable connection from aerial to attic where cables to different rooms are left. A 4-way splitter to distribute signal to 4 points. All wall sockets checked, two of the socket center changed. Extra $7.5 x 4 for 4 pieces of extension cable out of wall sockets.

If we use regular hockey stick style fascia mount the installation total will be $225. Properly roof mount with stands costs extra $20 more. If you buy all these things at retail prices: aerial, mount, cable, connectors, splitters, extension cable, the total easily goes beyond $250. It is a good deal to hire us to do the new installations.

Papakura UHF TV Aerial Replacement Installation.

The broken one, obviously we can not make it work. The reflectors are iron with paint coating, easy to rust. We do not use this type of TV aerial. The new one is set up and tuned to it’s utmost reception.


We can achieve S: 65 Q:60 in Papakura. This job is $195 for aerial, labor, gst, connection, check and tuning.

Manurewa TV Aerial Replacement Installation

More replacement of broken old UHF than new installations. This one is Manurewa. The old mount was not in an idea position. We removed the broken aerial, took down the mount, and put it up in a new position where signal is much better. It’s not necessarily the best looking location but indeed the signal is much more stable. The job is $195+gst for aerial, connection, removal, re installation.

Takanini New UHF TV Aerial Roof Installation

Another roof installation. The signal level is super so we use the 23Xu aerial, half as regular 43Xu type digital TV aerial so there’s less weight on the installation mount. We do not always need the longer piece. The smaller the aerial, the light it is the better for long term usage. Takanini New UHF Roof Installation: $265 new UHF aerial roof mount installation to a new built house. Mangere TV Aerial Replacement: Mangere aerial replacement installation. $195+gst; $265+gst inclusive for a new roof installation: UHF TV aerial, roof mount and installation, cable connection to attic, a 2-6 way splitter installed, then signal will be transferred to different rooms through existing cable next work. No extra cabling in included.

Papatoetoe Dish Back UHF Aerial Installation

A specially designed and built satellite dish back installation bracket enables us to do quick new UHF aerial onto the back of existing satellite dish without touching anything of your roof. Price is $265+gst. We are going to use the satellite dish signal cable, if you do not want to give up satellite signal, an extra $20 you get a new UHF-Sat signal combiner and a 2 way splitter on the TV end, then you have both signal transferred in the same cable, no worries about signal quality, UHF Freeview terrestrial is under 1000Mhz, while satellite signal is over 1000Mhz, they are not mixing with each other in cable transmission. More working cases and samples coming soon for the South Auckland TV aerial repairs and installations.