Sky TV Satellite Dish Alignments, Repairs,  Cabling, LNB Replacements

Optus D1 satellite carries both Sky TV channels and Freeview Satellite channels. The Sky dish is used to receive both SkyTV and Freeview. Please note Freeview Satellite channels are different than Freeview HD by UHF terrestrial signal. Freeview Satellite requires a satellite receiver box to receive. Most so-called “Freeview Built-In” TV are UHF terrestrial signal built-in ONLY.

Other than SkyTV Optus D1, there are several satellite TV options for Chinse, Indian, Tamil, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, French and more…We can receive 5 major free to air broadcasting satellites, from West to North they are: 113°E Palapa D; 115.5°E China sat 6B; 152°E Optus D2; 160°E Optus D1 and 166°E Intelsat 19. Palapa D and China sat 6B requires 2.1-2.4m C band dish. Optus D1, D2 and Intelsat 19 can be received by Ku band dish starting from 55cm in diameter which is basically the regular Sky dish size. These are the satellite options from Western and Northern.

  1. Palapa D at 113°E: 2.4m dish, C band
  2. Chinasat 6B at 115.5°E: 2.1-2.4m dish, C band
  3. Optus D2 at 152.0°E : 0.45-0.75m dish, Ku band
  4. Optus D1 at 160.0°E : 0.45-0.75m dish, Ku band
  5. Intelsat 19 at 166.0°E: 0.6-0.75m dish, Ku band

Please note that we are not responsible for the free to air channels broadcasted from these satellites. Our job is to provide quality satellite dishes, set it up correctly to receive an accurate signal from these satellites. We are not supposed to guarantee the channel availability, for FREE broadcasting. If a particular channel is available, consider it lucky; when it’s gone the other time, let it be.

60-75cm (in diameter)

  1. Optus D2 @ 152.0°E : FTA channels, 80+ TV & Radio including BVN, TBN Network
  2. Optus D1 @ 160.0°E : Freeview TV
  3. Intelsat 19 @ 166.0°E

2.1 – 2.4m

All satellites above plus:

  1. ChinaSat 6B at 115.5°E
  2. Palapa D at 113°E

Freeview to air satellite tv channels available in New Zealand:

Beside Freeview satellite channels, there are over nearly a hundred free to air broadcasting TV channels and radio stations available from the above satellites. They are the only satellite source from Dutch, Philippino, Chinese, Thai, Pakistan, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian people to watch their home country TV channels.

Different channels can be received together through one satellite receiver box. Optus d1 and d2 can be received from one dish, Chinasat6b and Palapa d can be received by one dish because they are closer. Ku band small dish signal can be combined with C band dish signal as well. Most the houses have Sky dish, the signal can be integrated with other available satellite dishes, please check our blog to learn about the possibilities, practices and costs.

Internet TV

There are many illegal rebroadcasting of TV channels over the internet. The TV content over internet transmission is constant technical and legal development in recent years, internationally.

We tested a few Andriod media player boxes ( consider them exactly the same as your Andriod cell phone, but a TV version with an HDMI connection) and some free downloaded apps for TV online watching. Find more options for free open downloaded apps according to our tests. We offer Andriod media player box as hardware only.

Currently, we have tested varies of TV apps from China, Korea and India. You can come to our workshop based in Henderson to personally experience the quality. We use 200G/month business Spark ( Telecom ) internet connection. We found these boxes work better under Spark, Orcon and Vodafone internet plans.

Dish Installation

  • Optus D1, D2, Intelsat 19
  • C Band Big Dish Installation
  • Multiple Satellite Integration
  • Satellite+Freeview Signal Combination
  • Motor Dish Setting Up