Sky Dish LNB Replacement

$170 gst inclusive to replace a faulty Sky dish LNB, same day service is possible.

This is a standard Sky satellite dish, to receive Sky TV subscription based TV programs or to receive Optus D1 Freeview satellite channels.

sky-satellite-dish-lnb-replacement (2)

This is the Dish LNB:

sky-satellite-dish-lnb-replacement (3)

The average life of the Sky dish LNB (SHARP) is about 6-7 years according to our experiences. The following one is year 2009, so it is 7 years old

sky-satellite-dish-lnb-replacement (1)

We do not use the same type of Sharp 10750Mhz LNB, we do not have it, we use the other type with a different neck and bracket. After replacing we need to do dish alignment check and cabling check as well, to make sure that satellite dish signal is through and satellite receiver box working properly.