Royal Road Massey SkyTV Dish For Freeviw Satellite

This is a two flat house sharing one satellite dish. There is a 4-output LNB installed by SkyTV but only two outputs were used, one of which leads to a 1-in-2-out splitter.  Flat unit 1 got 2 cable coming from roof, the one directly from lnb output works, after the dish signal configuration; the other one coming from the splitter shows no signal. I thought SkyTV might used a special LNB which senses splitters or joints.

Some blots and nuts were loose, not fastened enough then the dish position changed over years.

Now it’s secured and signal quite strong, quality good. The customer bought a wrong type of spiltter, and two DishTV satellite box, she will return one box back, together with the splitter and connectors. The job is $250 but she saves $150 refunding from Dick Smith.