VHF to UHF Freeview TV Aerial Replacement Installation

VHF and Broken UHF to New UHF TV Aerial Replacement

You have only one VHF TV aerial over the mount, it is not receive digital Freeview HD signal. In this case it is Only $195 GST inclusive to get old VHF removed and a brand new UHF TV aerial mounted and properly tuned master head re-cabling, a new UHF aerial, installation and making signal all through. More to come…

Yes, but it won’t necessarily save you much money. Here are reasons to pay professional installers to do the job:

  1. it cost about $50-120 to buy a UHF aerial
  2. you might need to buy extra mount, connector or splitters, and you need tools to joint them.
  3. you might need a bolt cutter to remove the old VHF, the bracket bolts and nuts are mostly likely rusted.
  4. roof is danger, never over estimate your ability to handle things well on roof, and you need a proper ladder, anyway, the risk is not worth for you to take.
  5. without signal meter you need another people watching TV screen talking to you about signal level, in many area it’s extremely hard to catch the signal. It’s not simply like putting aerial into air then you have signal.
  6. signal won’t go through because of cable, connector, wall plate or splitter.
  7. if you spend all the effort but signal is still not through, you have to pay other people over $100 for a repair job, for labor, not for small parts which have to be replaced.

Kiwi Antennas Offers $195 To Get It All DONE!

  1. old VHF removed, and cut into pieces.
  2. new UHF TV aerial set up, signal tuned to strongest level
  3. cable and network all tested and checked, we replace small parts like connectors for free. major replacement like wall plate center $7.5, spliter $10, extra cable outlet $7.5 but these things all more likely no need.

We are going to check the current mount, make it stable and strong. In the mean time remove the heavy old antenna. If the mount condition is not ideal, we will talk to you onsite about an alternative position and a new mount. Then it will be a new installation, $265. We found 95% of the current mount are Ok to use.

To make signal through, we have to check through the cabling. Many old installations were RG59 cable, thinner than current RG6, we have proper connectors for them, free of charges. In analog time we do not need to worry too much about interference so many cable connects are naked, we have to check them all and replace them with new well shield connections. These practices might cost you extra $10-20. Naked cable connections are acting as a leaking point for signal transmission, especial when they are closer to electric cable, internet and telephone wires.

If you’d like to take the replacement installation chance to extend the signal to another room, or to fix a old piece of connection, or to check some wall plates, we’d better to do them all the same time. These jobs might cost you extra $50 for cabling for example, or $20-30 for some parts replacement, they are still much cheaper than calling for a new visit and new repair job separately.

We charge $120 for a call out repair job, easy or complicated, you pay for the result, not time we spend on it. If it’s a case we are not able to diagnose and fix, you do not have to pay. To us it’s more about hidden faulty cable with no access.

Please note we are not able to feed a cable from attic into wall and to make a new wall plate for the new TV points. These practice are possible but it is very complicated, we know cabling technicians charging minimum over $200 for these jobs.

Why The Old VHF TV Aerials Are Not Working Anymore?

VHF TV aerial is to receive analogy signal before the digital switch of Auckland, December 2013. After that analog signal is not broadcast over air.

Firstly there is no data carried in these frequencies, secondly the VHF is receiving noise signal over the air, input them into decent Freeview signal, causing interference. This is why it’s better to be removed.

They need to be gone sooner or later, we’d better to remove them before it’s causing more troubles other than signal interference.

This is daily, from different kind of old anaglog VHF to new digital UHF for Freeview HD Terrestrial digital signal.

IMG_20160717_124933Price is $195 gst inclusive to remove the current VHF, we will cut it into piece and take them away. A new UHF aerial will be provided, set up, cable connected and TV tuned into it Freeview HD.