Freeview UHF TV Aerial Installations, VHF to UHF replacements, Freeview TV Signal Repairs, RG6 Cabling, Sky TV Satellite Dish Alignment and LNB replacement:

All Standard Fixed Prices! cash & bank transfer payment.  

$145+gst: Freeview UHF TV Aerial Signal Repair

Freeview HD UHF TV aerial signal issues: no signal, weak signal, Freeview HD pixelation, other rooms not connected… $145 for check and repair to FIX IT. You pay for the result! Minor things all included; f-connectors, adapters, splitters, short cable, diplexer removal, etc.

Work example: North Shore, East Auckland, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland

$145+gst: Satellite Dish Alignment

$145 to re-align a Sky TV satellite to Optus D1. We also repair Optus D2, at the same price of $165; the Average LNB life is 5-7 years, in case we need to change dish LNB, it’s an extra $85 for a new holding bracket and new LNB. We use PBI 11300 and 10750 LNB. Sky TV dish LNB.

Work examples: Pt. Chev; Otara; West Harbour; Tuakau;

$225: VHF TV aerial removal + New digital UHF TV aerial installation

If you have the old VHF, with a mounting bracket, the cabling to rooms is basically ready, we do a new UHF digital TV aerial replacement installation at $235, the cable connection is checked and the TV is tuned. VHF will be removed. There was no VHF bank broadcasting 7 years ago.

$345: New UHF Installed bargeboard by hockey stick; UHF attic installation

New UHF TV aerial, standard hockey stick fascia mount, flexible attic mount, cabling to a splitter that leads to rooms. Attic installation under the roof is possible in most central and Western areas. Aerial: 43-XU UHF for Freeview HD terrestrial signal reception.

$365: New UHF Installation on Roof with Roof Mount

New UHF TV aerial installation on the roof by 1200mm or 1500 roof mount with two supporting stands, cabling to one room or to the splitter which is normally in the attic under the roof, all connections checked to make sure good signal is through.

$145: Extra room cabling

Splitter and new cabling from cable hub to a new point, with a new wall socket installed. Please note only underfloor or outside-the-house cabling is practical and possible; We can NOT run a new cable inside the sealed walls.

$185: Powered Masterhead Signal Amplifier

A powered master-head signal amplifier increases the signal strength and quality up to 25-38dB. For boundary signal levels or multiple room distributions, sometimes an amplifier is the last solution. We will try not to use it to save your budget.

$7.5: Wall plate socket to TV connection cable, extra fly lead cable.

We found that many shops purchased 1m or 1.5m male-male RG6 cables are not performing well, they cause 5-15dB signal loss. In a weak signal area, this is a serious problem. We have to replace them to achieve better signal quality. One fly lead is $7.5 including proper connectors. You can check the performance differences through our signal meter readings.

$20: Wall Plate Socket Replacement:

Some old wall socket is slowing down the signal transmission, we have to remove the IC part of the loose female connector with proper current types. We charge $10 for each centerpiece replacement or $20 for a complete plate replacement.

$195: Flat TV Wall Mount Installation

31-65” flat TV wall mount installation, fixed bracket included, installation work included. If you have your bracket, we do installation work only at $145. Work example: New Lynn

$325: Used Sky Dish Installation

We install good quality second-hand Sky dishes with all original or new LNB and mount for Optus D1 to receive Freeview satellite channels or Sky TV channels. You need to have a Freeview satellite built-in TV or a DVB-S satellite receiver box to decode satellite signals.

Example: SkyTV dish to receive Freeview; Massey satellite D2;

95% of the residential TV signal and TV aerial services in Auckland region are classified into the above fixed standard service prices. We have no call-out fee, we do not charge by hours, and we do not charge for necessary accessories. We know our jobs, and with thousands of works done you can trust us that we understand the daily work. Freeview and TV antennas are not high-tech complicated services. We try to make the daily routines easier and you are worry free of contacting us to fix your TV signal issues or to install a new TV antenna.