Freeview UHF TV Aerial Installations, VHF to UHF replacements, Freeview TV Signal Repairs, TV Signal Cabling, Sky TV Satellite Dish Alignement and LNB replacement Fixed Prices!

All prices are GST EXCLUSIVE, cash or EFTPOS payment preferred. Bank transfer in one week after invoice sent by email from Xero only. We do not offer hard copy invoices. 

$135: Freeview UHF TV Aerial Signal Problems Check & Repair

Freeview HD UHF TV aerial signal issues: no signal, weak signal, Freeview HD pixelation, other rooms not connected… $135 for check and repair. You pay for the results!. Condition: we do not need to replace or add anything major; Other than minor things like f-connectors, adapters, splitters, short cable, diplexer removal etc. Wall socket plate replacement is $20, amplifier is extra $95, cable fly lead from socket to TV is $7.5 one piece.

Want to see some work example? North Shore, East Auckland, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland

$135: Satellite Dish Alignment or Signal Problems Check & Repair

$135 to re-align a Sky TV satellite dish which is Optus D1. We repair Optus D2, Intesat19, Palap D, Chinasat6B as while, all same price as $135;  If we need to change dish LNB, it’s extra $45. We use PBI 11300 and 10750 LNB. Sky TV dish LNB average life is about 5-6 years.

Examples: Pt. Chev; Otara; West Harbour; Tuakau;

$195: VHF TV aerial removal + New digital UHF TV aerial installation

If you have the old VHF, or aerial mount out there, cabling to rooms are ready, we do a new UHF digital TV aerial replacement installation at $195, cable connection checked and TV tuned. VHF will be removed and taken away.

$265: New UHF Installation in Attic, with Hockey Stick or on roof

New UHF TV aerial, standard hockey stick fascia mount, flexible attic mount, roof mount, cabling to splitter which leads to rooms. Extra room cabling is $85; extra wall socket is $20 each. New UHF TV aerial installation on roof: 1200mm or 1500 roof mount with two supporting stands, cabling to one room or to the splitter. Aerial: 43-XU UHF for Freeview HD terrestrial signal reception.

+$115: Upgrade to Hitachi Yagi Antennas: UwPA

Want better aerials? We have Hitachi indoor/outdoor UwPA, extra $115 based on above prices. Hitachi Yagi is one of the best UHF TV aerial designers and manufacture in the world.

$285: Satellite Receiver Box (DVB-S) and Installation, DishTV box

For location without terrestrial signal coverage, Sky dish and satellite box can be used to receive Freeview satellite channels, please note the channel list is different, video is not HD. $285 for installations. Extra $65 for dish alignment if it is not receiving signal from Optus D1, $45 for LNB replacement as described above.

$285: Freeveiw Terrestrial Receiver Box (DVB-T) and Installation, DishTV box

If your TV does not support DTV, not Freeview Built In, most likely purchased 5 years ago or from overseas, we can install a DVB-T Freeview terrestrial box $285; Signal check and repair, or antenna replacement cost is separately not included.

$145: Extra room cabling

Splitter and new cabling from hub to a new point, new wall socket installed, we can only do underfloor or outside the house; We can NOT run new cable inside the sealed walls.

$85: Powered Masterhead Signal Amplifier

Powered masterhead signal amplifier increases the signal strength and quality up to 25-38dB. For boundary signal levels or multiple room distributions, some times an amplifier is the last solution. We will try not to use it to save your budget.

$7.5: Wall plate socket to TV connection cable

We found that many 1m or 1.5m male-male RG6 cable are not performing well, they cause 5-15dB signal down. In weak signal area this is a serious problem. We have to replace them to achieve better signal quality. We do one piece of these connection cables at $7.5 including proper connectors. You can check the performance differences through our signal meter readings.

$20: Wall Plate Socket Replacement:

Some old type of wall socket is slowing down the signal, we have to remove the IC part or the loose female connector with proper current types. We charge $10 for each replacement.

$185: Flat TV Wall Mount Installation

31-65” flat TV wall mount installation, fixed bracket and installation work together. Example: New Lynn

$250: Used Sky Dish Installation

We install second hand Sky dish with all original LNB and mount for Optus D1 to receive Freeview satellite channels or Sky TV channels. You need to have Freeview satellite built in TV or a DVB-S satellite box.


$350: Freeview Satellite Dish Roof/Wall Installation

If we have to use a dish to receive Freeview, we do a 0.65m in diameter dish installation at $350 including dish, roof or wall mount. The cabling has to be ready so we do not spend much more time finding the connections. If the cable lead is left in attic, we charge extra $50 to feed the signal cable through roof including proper anti-leak practices. Extra $15 or $20 might apply, for signal distribution.

Examples: D2;