Optus D1 + Optus D2

We can use one 65cm ku band satellite dish to receive Freeview NZ satellite channels from Optus D1’s horizontal transponders and to receive BVN the Dutch channels from Oputs D2’s vertical transponder 12519 V 22500, or some other Arabic and middle east channels from Optus D2’s horizontal transponders like 12608 H 22500.

In this case we used two single polarization LNB to receive Freeview and BVN channel.

Optus D1 is the one which carries the SkyTV subscription channels. It carries Freeview satellite feeds too.

Optus D1 at 160.0°E, it’s Northwest, more to the North.

12456 TV3, Four, Parliament TV, Cue, Te Reo, TV 3 Auckland +1, Shine TV, Choice TV
12483 Maori TV, TV 2, TV2+1, TV ONE
12519 radio NZ national, radio nz concert, Tahu FM
12644 TV3 Auckland, C4
12671 Trackside, TV2

Optus D2 at 152.0°E is close to D1, a bit to the West, they are quite close, we can receive the two satellites by one dish, two seperate LNB.

We use a 11300 standard single polarization to receive the vertical transponders.  One major channel of interesting is BVN the Dutch channel, it’s on 12519 V 22500.


This video shows how it works.

I used a GOG box bought from Bunnings at $85. It is the same design and software as my StarTrack satellite box, which we sell at $65 in our online shop.

This video shows how the StarTrack box works for both Freeview and BVN, the two satellites together: Optus D1 & D2.