Not Properly Installed Aerials

Some of the recent jobs and signal checks:

This is just another case that after the digital switch, the VHF+UHF combiner caused problem. Solution: VHF down, combiner removed.

Old analog VHF and not a very good quality tiny digital aerial. Solutions: everything removed including cabling. A new mount and aerial installed.

The left one, no or week signal. The aerial is the correct type but cabling was poorly done. Solutions: cable and connectors replaced.

VHF aerial and combiner removed.





Old analog aerial replaced by the new digital UHF type.

VHF analog aerial removed. UHF aerial raised higher, connectors all replaced. The SkyTV dish is vibrating, causing some signal unstable. I suggested to use a proper roof mount but the customer decided to leave it there since he has Freeview for now at least and he did not want to pay extra for Sky at the moment. These jobs are all in the $135 category.