North Shore TV Aerial Installers

We summarized a list of North Shore TV aerial installation jobs we have done for your reference. Previously we have multiple post each with a unique installation case study to show you how we work on your TV aerial installation works, the cabling and TV signal repair works. Later on later year in 2017 we decided to put them together like the following multiple works together. This is the ultimate TV aerial installation samples with descriptions and photos in Auckland, especial in North Shore areas. Most recent works in North Shore:

Optus D2 satellite dish installation work to receive Dutch TV BVN.

Taharoto Road Freeview TV Aerial Signal Problem

Before it looks the left photo, two aerials were there. Why the old VHF was always there? My answer is: nobody bothered other than the owner. The old VHF was totally not in use.

  1. remove the old vhf aerial, and it’s mast if it was separately installed.
  2. After that the UHF aerial signal checked, cable well connect
  3. painful, The flat unit was recently renovated, the cable came from the basement is actually a connection to a second room. I have to went down under to find the correct signal cable, feed it up. The basement is under 1 meter high, so it took much longer than a regular signal fix. This is a $135+gst job in North Shore,  Taharoto Road.

Only one TV aerial left; other cable properly terminated. Signal level checked inside and some connectors replaced, then TV tuned. This job was arranged by Ray White on behalf of the owner.

Beach Haven New UHF Aerial Dish Back Installation


This kind of new installation is $265+gst. We have specially revised regular hockey stick aerial mount attached to pole of Sky dish with holding brackets. If you are giving up satellite signal anyway, we can use the same cabling to transfer terrestrial UHF signal down to the point, alternatively with $20 a pair of signal combiner you can keep box satellite signal from Sky Optus D1, in the mean time get UHF Freeview HD signal directly to your Freeview built in TV. Total $265. This could be the best solution for both satellite dish and UHF aerial, only one mount on roof. In North Shore we can use shorter mount because dish and aerial are pointing to different directions, central, West and South Auckland it’s going to be a longer pole about 100cm.

Northshore VHF to UHF Replacement Installation

The left round antenna is satellite dish, most likely they are Optus D1 Sky TV dish; Right side aerial is VHF to receive analog Freeview signal, a few years ago, and it’s no use nowadays in the digital broadcasting age; We can remove the right side mount and supporting bracket, attache a dish-back aerial mount and set up new UHF aerial on it, price is $265+gst; Alternatively we can only remove the broken VHF, set up a new UHF, price will be $195 for replacement installation.

I always prefer less mount, less attachment to building itself: attic is the first choice when signal level is high, dish back is a good choice too.


Greenhithe Rusted TV Aerial Removal


When we were there the pole is almost rusted through. The old VHF was attached by two supporting poles. Removal work is $135. The old screws are as long as 100mm. Some are through the timber. The holes need to be stuffed deep and well sealed. We found it’s a good practice to put original screws back with extra rubber washer and extra silicon. The broken aerial will be cut into pieces and carried away.

Birkdale VHF+UHF to UHF Replacement Installation

The customers moved in this house and connected him brand new Samsung digital TV, found there’s no Freeview signal; When you plug the cable to the back of your TV, the system searches either digital or analog signal together. In this case we found nothing. Firstly the TV searched DTV, which is Freeview Terrestrial digital signal, next is radio, digital or analog, the third option is searching for analog signal. We found nothing.

The fault is here: The UHF aerial is pointing to Sky Tower, vertical signal. I changed it to Waiatarua, west to Auckland, the transmitter is high mounted on top of hill, the Waiatarua Transmitter Mast, we can almost spot it any where in Auckland. West signal is always good. The old VHF was removed. New UHF put on top of mast to collect more signal. The problem is not the aerial, or the direction, it is the “combiner”, it was removed.

While the old cable is not the correct type either. I tried to connect them anyway since  the customer does not want to pay extra to replace the cable for now. I’m afraid that the connection part will cause some problem anyway in the future. This is a $135 job. Next week I’m going back to replace the whole cabling with new cable to erase worries about possible signal problem. $45 for 20 meters of cable plus work, good deal!

Onewa Road Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

A regular job: the VHF has to be put down. The best tool for this job is a bolt cutter of 6mm, easy to carry it to the roof and powerful enough to cut even 8mm rusted bolts. The reason why all the old VHF is still hanging out there is that most installers do not bother to spend time to take it down ’cause the blots & nuts are all rusted. We need a blot cutter.Not yet working, you might find that signal is still glitchy. Do the following:

  • complete power off, I mean disconnect power cord from socket, plug it back in 5 minutes. Do a factory default reset if you can find it;
  • Set it as New Zealand, different from Australia standard which is bandwidth 7Mhz, we are 7Mhz for each band “channel’, not the traditional means of tv channel, it’s a certain bandwidth which carries some, not one, channels. They are ch29, ch33, ch45.
  • You will find the channels, with correct frequency numbers in your TV’s memory, and picture won’t be cutting in & out.

Milford Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

There were 3 aerials, two UHF on top, one old VHF still there. As usually, firstly we remove the VHF  without any check, it’s a done aerial, no use at all now. The two aerials are two two different rooms, each with an old type stpiltter connected hidden under tile.

It took half an hour to find them and remove them, replace the cable and connect them through. The customer only want one room connection but now I fixed both of them, at the same price $135.

Northcote Point Aerial Repair

Regular problem but I tried to make three room connections all work. Here we have everything, a VHF old type, a diplexer, one Tivo box, one Freeview Terrestrial Decoder box, one TV with DTV built in; Under the floor there were two cabling system, one for old VHF on the other side of the house, mount half following, I took it down and remove the old black wiring; This one in front side, there was a VHF not removed, now the middle one is the correct digital type aerial.; 

Two hours work, I made them all working. There was even one cable connection from wall plate to TV not stable, replaced anyway. I think I should charge a little more in the next case, there are too much to be down, not like when they called, a simple no signal input issue.

Red Beach Orewa Freeview TV Aerial Repair

This is a very typical case that VHF/UHF Mixer is causing significant UHF signal lost.

North Shore TV Aerial Installations

The above is VHF for analog signal, it is no use now, not any more in the future either. The right one is a long UHF, obviously rusted, the signal cable connector missing, no cable attached, basically it was a broken failed one.

It fits in our “replacement installation” of $195. We removed the left VHF and it’s pole, we chose to use the right pole because it has a supporting stand. We removed the broken big UHF, installed a regular outdoor UHF aerial, made signal as good as we can on roof then we found signal is not through anyway in the lounge wall plate. There must be something wrong in attic, yes indeed, another 20 minutes in attic trying hard to find the cabling route, luckily it was a connection mistake, then it is fixed.

Next step is changing the wall plate to TVF type because we had a over 30% signal lost comparing to what we achieved on roof top. $20 extra for the socket changes. Total of this job is $215, gst inclusive. Eftpos paid, invoice sent from Xero next day after it’s showing paid on it.

Greenhithe TV Aerial Signal Repair

Again the blot cutter, the most important tool for an installer? No, for a remover! I removed more aerials than installed since last December:(While this “hub” looks chaos, it took an hour for me to test all 6 Freeview points and 2 other SkyTV points.

Albany Loft TV Aerial Installation

Albany loft house, no where to mount the aerial pole properly. SkyTV dish installation tried a fence installation but it was removed to roof because of vibration in windy days. To an aerial, vibration is not a big issue. I set it up on fence timber like this:

Since recently I’m not an installer any more, I did more removal than installations. I have been carrying this set of mounts for quite a while until today it finds it’s new home. The mounts are out of removed VHF aerial spare parts. The pole is 2-meter aluminum, 25mm in diameter. I only asked $30 extra for this mount. It made this installation nice and much easier. “recycling”, these parts are still useful in new installations, they are from the old vhf analog antennas.

2 meters above the fence:

The customer is not paying any extra for the mounts because I got them for free, just added a bit creativity of my own style.  The installation is $205+gst, including two room signal connections.

Northcote Freeview Aerial Signal Fix Repair

If you can send me a photo of the current installations, I can give a better quote because I can judge basically what’s going wrong. This Northcote customer sent me this photo: It is a standard VHF-UHF problem. When I went over, it looks like this:

The UHF is pointing to Sky Tower. The VHF bigger antenna is removed. As usual, the bolts and nuts are rusted so my bolt cutter proofs again itself as the most important tool for an “installer”.

Devonport Townhouse Replacement Installation

On this Devonport townhouse each unit got a different type of aerials. The ridiculous thing is that we do not need that many aerials at all. Up to 4 units can share one regular aerial. One more powerfully bigger proper type can support upto 6 points.


Anyway, that might not a good idea for people to share signal, we installers will get much less jobs.

Devonport Replacement Aerial Installation

I some times work for real estate agencies like Bayleys. They sort out things like TV signal for their tenants. This one is a regular replacement installation, take down the old VHf, removal no use connectors, some times to craw in the basement to figure out how the cabling is done.


In this case beside regular replacement installation, I removed one rusted splitter, the last one meter of connection cable from wall socket to TV’s antenna in port because it caused significant signal lost. The price is $225+gst. I asked for a hard copy “Yellow Pages” which was left on recycling in. While there’s a thing relevant which is about proper cabling. Years ago installers use stapling nails to secure the cable. It squeezed cable. It could lead to major signal problems if the cable quality is regular or poor. This is a bad practice, people never use the method any more nowadays.

Northcote Indoor Antenna

This is ideal for an indoor antenna. The building is a 3-unit 2-story townhouse. The top is flat and high. I do not go beyond 3.5 meters using one ladder . There’s a balcony in the middle. I tested signal that way, it is good. However, they insisted that the aerial has to be installed on roof, not here, not outside on balcony guard railing, and they want the second room connected.

I could have talk to them to install it on balcony. This Yagi is designed to do so, it looks not bad. The cable from roof is there I saw it. However, I did not talk about this. I feel wired this time, I sensed that I’d better to give up this installation. I quickly sorted out my tools and I left. This is the first time that I give up so quickly on a job. The other times I used to spend extra hours to make things perform or look better, not this house, sorry, good luck to them. TV is not that important anyway.

Northcross TV Aerial Installation


Installation is regular. A cable was feed into ceiling via the same SkyTV cable. After roof work I went over to attic, not a problem finding all cable. The customer wants to points, I use multi-meter to detect which lead is which point. The difficult part is that one wall plate is not properly wired, the rg6 is not well shield, 10cm away it was electrical wires. The job was obviously done by an electrician because he though the part transfer signal is the copper lead, the shielding wires were not connected and separated.

Beside these connections, there’s a 3 room extension, and a 42” TV wall installation. Total $345, it took 3.5 hours.

Takapuna Chimney Installation Repair

The customer wanted to replace the aerial by himself but he install it the wrong direction, there was no signal so he called me. This ended up with 3 problems: 1. aerial direction wrong. 2. diplexer removed, cable properly connected. 3. old style splitter replaced. This job is $115. $100 for aerial installation and roof work, $15 for wall plate connector change and extension cable.

Oteha Valley TV Aerial Installation

The first two weeks of May had been quick and busy. We are moving to a new proper workshop: Unit 11, 8 Moselle Ave, Henderson, a lot of things to do for the workshop but we had been occupied by repair and installation jobs. Here is the new workshop location, it used to be a coffee. More about the workshop is coming. Here this one is about the Oteha Valley new Freeview UHF tv aerial installation. This is one of the first jobs I do together with my apprentice Adam.

Glenfield New UHF Aerial Installation


There were old rusted vhf and uhf attached to a pole on the right part of the house right above the foot path. It took me 30 minutes to remove them all. This removal work was not actually included in my quote. When they called I was informed that it will be an easy replacement installation, just to remove the old one and set new one up. It turned to be that old pole was not properly attached to the house, the whole piece was vibrating in wind. The pole is not capable to carry the wight of aerial at all. It’s going to be a disaster sooner or later. The whole bracket will fall off.

I have to remove them all and to install a new pole on dish mount. The customer insisted I can not charge more for my quote even I had to do an extra removal and a new pole. Anyway, I wanted to finish it asap so I do not waste the trip so I agreed to raise it from original $185 to $205 but she talked it down to $200 while I was working on the roof. Finally the roof jobs were done. When I came to the TV it turned to be a Freeview box. The wire are rg59 and wall plates have to be replaced to get signal through, there were too much interference in the connection parts. It was another 30 minutes…The bill was not paid yet over two weeks:(

Mairangi Bay Freeview Signal Repair

This Mairangi Bay house was just transferred to a new owner. Like make other cases, the house was renovated in different phases. 2 rooms out of 3 got a bit signal, the third room got no signal. After checking cabling route under first floor, on garage ceiling, we found the failure point which is a failed splitter and some different type of not perfect connections.

Signal is through now, I can take the money and go but I can not. This has been a habit, I can not leave knowing that those ugly VHF antennas still there. So next 30 minutes is metal cutting job.

The two on the top are both VHF? Why they are still there? Because other installers were not bothered to do the extra, without any contribution to the business, I mean, money. I’m different, why, because I want to be different than others who are doing the same job as us. The job was paid as original agreed, a standard check and repair job of $120 gst inclusive. The removal is extra, it’s not a rule that I have to make it included. $120 is to check failures and make signal through, that’s it. How do we achieve this goal, it requires a book or two to explain these practices properly. Anyway, you pay for the result, not the skills, not the time, not the efforts.

Milford VHF Replacement

This is a common VHF antenna. Once you see this, better to remove them, or to replace them with new digital UHF aerials. This thing is much heavier than new UHF. Replacement installation is $195+gst if we do not have to change the pole. If we believe the pole is not supporting the aerial anymore, we will suggest a new installation, including removal of the current ones, the price is $265.

We are located in Glenfield so all North Shore jobs are in easy access range, feel free that you will get a reasonable price but high quality service.

Browns Bay New UHF TV Aerial Installation


Sunday morning Browns Bay new UHF tv aerial installation. $265+gst. New aerial, new hockey stick pole, cabling from aerial to attic where it was connected to splitter, then to different rooms. This aerial works well in Browns Bay area where Freeview terrestrial signal is below average in Auckland. See the black extension ladder, with us for 5 years now, amazing time really flies.

Albany UHF TV Aerial Dish Back Installation

Constantly we found that new occupants moving into are house do not subscribe to Sky. To get Freeview HD for the locally bought Freeview Built In TV, an UHF TV aerial to receive Freeview terrestrial digital signal is a must. This is how it was installed. Cost for this type of installation is $245 gst inclusive. Changing of the TVC wall plate to better TVF plate is $20 each. Extra cabling from wall sockets to TV is $7.5 a piece, 1-2 meters long with proper good quality connectors and adapters.

Silverdale New UHF Under Eave Installation


For a new built house without traditional type of fascia board, we have this under eave installation bracket. This installation is $245 gst inclusive. A under eave bracket, a regular hockey stick 500mm, a new AV-43XU module UHF aerial for Freeview, installation, cabling to attic, plus splitter and signal check in each room.

We found builders and electricians are using TVC type of wall plate for aerial signal, while TVF type wall socket for satellite signal. This is not an ideal practice. TVF type is more ideal for Freeview HD terrestrial digital signal as well. In case we have to change wall plates, it will be $20 for each point. $7.5 for each piece of fly-lead RG6 cable with  proper connectors and adapters.

Birkenhead UHF Aerial Replacement

The job was arranged by landlord. We constantly have landlords and property managers asking as to organised repair, replacement or new installations. I’m going to make a list of property management companies that we have served. The process could be simple, it can be a order order from the managers, or the landlords call or text us job requirements, tenant contacts, preferred timing, we basically are able to confirm the time in an hour. I will keep the owners updated before, during and after the jobs.

Invoice will be sent from Xero, job photos sent by email. We try to keep the original quote, some times there are minor changes, could be improper interpretation or understanding of the current situation. It’s not necessarily increasing the budget, almost half of the cases is shrinking the new installation job to a repair, so it’s actually decreasing the budget, of course landlords are happy with that.

This Birkenhead case is a replacement installation to Sky Tower vertical signal. $195 for remove old VHF, and setting up new UHF, $5 for extra cabling required.


Greenhite New UHF Aerial Installation

$265 for a dish back aerial installation, using the current cabling. connection and wall plates check are free. $20 for TV socket plate replacement, if we have to do so. The installation takes about 1.5-2 hours. The difficult part is to get signal through to multiple points.


Totara Vale New Freeview HD UHF TV Aerial Installation

500mm hockey stick, regular UHF TV aerial, installation, tuning to utmost signal level possible in the area, cable connection to either existing cabling, or a new cable to attic where it’s connected by splitter to multiple rooms, total $225 gst inclusive, pay cash, cheque, eftpos or bank transfer, invoice only available by email pdf version attached, sorry we do not do printed invoice, we do not post invoice to a physical address, to get your invoice from Xero, PDF version, give us your email address. Payment in one week by bank transfer.

Recently I have to spend more time on chasing bank transfer payment, please make sure it’s paid after you get the invoice, do not wait until we have to call again, these things are annoying. We have tried our best to standardize the installation prices. If it’s easy we are lucky, could be less than an hour, in some cases for a repair job we probably spend over 4 hours trying to figure out the reason, no matter what we charge the same $125 gst inclusive for repair and check; normal installation with aerial, mount, labor and connection at $225; roof installation $245; extra $65 you get your regular quality aerial up to Hitachi indoor/outdoor aerial. I’m kind of tired explaining the difference between the regular uhf aerial and Japanese Hitachi ones. Hitachi represents the best quality possible for indoor and outdoor UHF antenna. There are not much competition in this business. Hitachi is one of the best people afford for residential installations.

Birkendale New UHF Freeview Installation


$265+gst for a new UHF aerial installation. One aerial, one hockey stick regular mount, one adapter mount, installation work, cable connection; We used the original cable to transfer UHF signal. Customer agreed to give up satellite dish signal, TV tuning included, some connectors changed.

Bayview broken TV aerial replacement.

The left is a broken VHF antenna, for old analog signal, it is no use nowadays, remove them as soon as you can. VHF aerial removal is $120 gst inclusive. If you want to install a new UHF, it’s $265 for roof installation, for roof mount, aerial, installation, cable connection, signal check, tv tuning all together, in the mean time, we remove the old one for free.

Becroft Drive Forrest Hill North Shore Aerial Installation

This is a Chinese family who wants to have Freeview TV channels, especially the two Chinese channels for their parents. There was an aerial mast which was blew away by strong wind and years of rusting. I removed all the rusted parts and lashing before install this new aerial.

The cabling is from aerial to basement, to garage, up to living room through a floor hole which was made by SkyTV installer. The signal was also transferred to the other three rooms, the splitter and cabling is there but I did not connect it because signal could be weak after the distribution. The key point is only the living room TV.

The Chinese channels are 28: Chinese TV & 33:TV33. This is the number  shown on digital TV, or DTV. If you use a DVB-T Freeview box, the channel number for Chinese channels are 15, and 16.

You can see the channel list difference in the next posts where DVB-T Freeview terrestrial box is used. $265 for this job.

Takapuna Broken VHF Replacement Installation

This is a broken mount rusted through at bottom with an olf VHF aerial attached. It’s the right time to install a new UHF TV aerial which is $265 gst inclusive.

Glenfield Aerial Repair

Three things on the roof from left to right they are: UHF aerial installed high, SkyTV satellite dish, hockey stick left for old VHF aerial probably. The reason that new UHF was not installed here was probably because here at this height the signal level is not high enough, but it was not removed, nobody bothered for the extra work; Some times the more you do, the more likely you will be blamed. We were recently accused by some customers of damaging the roof or a hole or somethings, we learned the lesson and we tend to do less possible:(

The UHF aerial was installed high; When we think signal level is regular we’d rather to move the aerial to low position, cut the pole to reduce vibration by wind.

Glenfield New UHF Freeview Aerial Installation

Once the mount is rusted like this, the mount can not be repaired, normally the aerial attached to it is working too long a time too, it’s time for total replacement. This aerial is old analog antenna, it’s not receiving any signal nowadays.


To remove the two and to install a new UHF aerial, using 600mm hockey stick mount, price is $265 gst inclusive. We use existing cabling.

Northcote Freeview TV Aerial Repair Job

This is a typical repair or replacement job. We have tried to give fixed clear job quote before we go. A photo will always help us to give you an exact price.

On this roof, from left to right, they are: 1. VHF for analog signal which was gone after Dec 2013; 2. UHF antenna; 3. Sky TV satellite dish for Sky subscription satellite TV.

  1. VHF needs to be removed. This job is $120 gst inclusive if you want us to come only to do this. We will remove the aerial and mount from the roof and to fix the holes properly. If the mount is still in good condition, and you need UHF anyway, we can use the same mount to install a new UHF, then the total will be $195 gst inclusive.
  2. UHF: is it still receiving the signal? Yes and/or No, in most of the cases, i should say over 85% conditions, yes, they are still ok, except: A – the holding bracket is rusted, we can not either replace it or to fine tune it to a better direction to receive more signal; B- the black plastic box which we call diplixer is broken, it’s the most important part of the aeril, then we’d rather remove it and to install a new UHF aerial.
  3. The Sky satellite dish, if you are not paying Sky TV monthly subscription, it’s basically no use to you. However, some people use it to receive Freeview satellite channels, but you need a DVB-S satellite receiver. A regular receiver costs $100-200, when dish signal reception is good; while we charge $135 for satellite dish signal check and repair job.

Repair job is $135+gst including check the aerial, do the cabling again, replace some connectors and joiners, tidy up cabling and remove the no longer used hockey stick.

Unsworth Heights Freeview TV Aerial Repair


Aerials are normally not repairable, like this Unsworth Heights one, even the cabel connected to it is missing. The top reflector was missing too. $195 to remove it, put on a new one, connect cable, check through to all points.

Bayview Broken VHF Removal And New UH Freeview Installation

It was in this condition when we come. It is a broken old VHF which needs to be removed anyway. We can not use the same mount to install a new UHF, so we removed the mount too.A new UHF Freeview installation total cost $245 gst included.