New UHF Aerial Installation

New UHF Aerial Installation from Kiwi Antennas cost basically $245 for hockey stick eave mount and attic mount installation. $265 for roof mount aerial installation, aerial model: 43-XU ; $50 extra to upgrade the package to Hitachi Japanese Yagi antennas U-LD3 indoor or UwPA indoor/outdoor aerial.

1. $265: Attic: in good signal area, aerials can be installed in attics. This is the ideal location for TV aerial: A. Invisible; B. Cable to each room are ready in attic, clean and easy connection; C. Weather proof, you do not worry about rusting, wind damage and roof leak. We have special flexible attic mounts. $245: aerial, mount, labor, splitter, tuning, gst.

2. $265: Fascia & Under Eave: A. 500mm and 600mm hockey stick installed on fascia board; 2. under eave adapting bracket + regular hockey stick. Cable goes back to attic space though gap between roof and gutter, or under tile piece; Occastionally we have to drill a hole to fit it in. $265: aerial, hockey stick, adaptor bracket, cabling, hole sealed, splitter, labor, tv tuning, gst.

3. $265: Roof: flexible base with 1200mm or 1500 high pole, two supporting stands to form a triangle, 4 points fasten on roof. Cable goes in to attic. $265: roof mount, aerial, cabling, splitter, tuning, gst.

4. $225: UwPA indoor antenna installation. UwPA can be placed in one place close to one TV, signal can still be shared by exsiting cable network to other rooms. One point installation is $185, multiple room connction is $50 extra.

Other alternative is wall and balcony guard railing installations, ideal for smaller compact antenna like UwPA and U-LD3. Chimney, fence, ground installatio ns are possible too. Key points to consider are: a. good and stable signal; b. safety; c. better looking in general. Installation safety is priority for us.

Roof installation is quite common for old houses. We found it becoming more and more difficult for many newly buit houses because of height, t easy access from a deck or ground floor roofing.

To make it safer, we normally choose eave and fascia installations. We have to consider safety as priority. Aerial installation is one of the most dangerous jobs in New Zealand. For each installation we prefer to get your address, check it out on Google map, then decide if we are able to install it, by which method, what brackets to bring…

  • 43-XU UHF Digital Outdoor: China made; manufacture: Qiaohua, Guangzhou.
  • U-LD3: Outdoor, Brand: Hitachi, Manufacture:Hitachi Kokusai. Type: Yagi Outdoor.
  • UwPA: Indoor Outdoor, Brand: Hitachi, Manufacture: Hitachi Kokusai. Type: Yagi Outdoor.

Extra room TV signal cable connection is $120 for one splitter, one cable and one wall plate. The cable goes under floor or outside only.
We can not do any inside wall extra cabling. If it’s not possible to put a wall socket, we have floor socket to make new TV signal point tidy.

UwPA Hitachi Yagi

The above is a Hitachi Yagi UHF digital signal antenna. UHF does not have to be huge, it can be as neat and tidy like this UwPA.
No battery, no power connection, no radiation, even no built in electrical circuit.
Idea to be mounted anywhere, same reception ability as 43-XU.

Multiple Room Connection

For a good signal reception, one aerial is able to support 3-4 rooms without major signal lost. However, it depends on multiple factors like cable quality, distance, even quality of the wall socket connection; For connections more than 4 rooms, in regular signal area, we suggest a powered signal amplifier. The amplifier is one set of master head and power supply. The master head could be placed outdoor or in the attic, while the power supply unit is connected after wall socket, where a a power plug is available.

Nowadays the amplifier is designed to power up the whole house’s signal distribution through our all power pass signal splitter. This means one set of amplifier is able to make signal level 20-30dB high which is enough for all points.

If we have to connect a set of amplifier, the cost is $65 beside basic installation cost.
Of course firstly we will use our knowledge,skills and expediences to try to avoid it in first place.
However the amplifier could be one of the most effective ultimate solution for difficulty situations.