New Lynn 42”TV Wall Mount

42” flat TV to be mounted on wall above fireplace.

A universal simple design TV wall mount bracket, for 30” to 60” TV; weight capacity: 75kg but I think we’d better to ignore it because the capacity depends much on the wall stud if it’s a wood structure in New Zealand. If it is mounted on solid concrete wall with self-expansion bolts, 75kg is not a problem.

Wall mount plate and accessories:

TV mount plates, use a level torpedo make sure it’s even before the measurements.

Adjust the bolt holes.

The most important part is to use a sensor to find stud, detect it’s depth, try to avoid metal parts, and especially please not there might be AV wires which is extremely dangerous, do not drill a hold or put in a screw before you are sure what’s hidden behind.

In this case the studs are not in ideal distance between each other, two separate hols were made to match the stud positions.

There were only 2 hex lag screws installed at the moment in the photo, it has to be 4 screws at least in solid positions to secure the stability, of course we need to make sure they are in solid and safe locations. This job is $185.