New Lynn 2.1m Big Dish Removal

I should not have accepted this job. The quote is only $135. It took too long for me to dig out the concrete base, where the pole is attached. Today it’s not a success. I will come back Sunday to finish it.

This dish is still in very good condition, I could pack it and sell it as second hand c band dish to other installers, it is good for Chinasat6B, and Palapa C2. In the process I felt frustrated and even a bit anger. I decide to totally destroy this ugly big dish. I have 10cm and 6cm blot cutters, this is how I cut them into pieces. As an “installer” I have never personally installed any one C band dish in Auckland, I do not like big dishes, I consider them ugly. I’m not going to take any huge dish fix or installation jobs in the future. Internet streaming is going to replace big dishes.

I will try to revise this big black metal bracket into a firework launcher! It’s actually a cannon, do you agree?!

I do not want to dig too wide a hole to take the concrete out so I decided to cut the pole from bottom. The cutting saw can not cut deep enough. I need a smaller handy hand metal saw to finish in on Sunday, then put earth back to make up the hole.