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kiwi-antennas-listed-on-freeviewnz-websiteKiwi Antennas is now listed as Freeview installer in North, West, East, Central and South Auckland on Freeview official website. We are one of the few installation services with a website. Our feature is that all our service items are cleared listed out with a fixed price. I have tried to quote as specific as possible, to cover most of the possible situations based on our experiences over the years.


You know what could be the problem, how we are going to fix it, and how much exactly it costs. We always try to keep the original quote although in many cases the situation could be a bit more complicated. We are not charging by hourly rates, you pay for the result, not the “hours”. I personally do not like the rule of hourly charges. An obvious example is that if you choose a service man who is not capable doing what he’s doing, you end up paying more because obviously he’s going to spend more time than a more knowledgeable and experienced technician. This is somehow ridiculous.

You do not have to worry about time we spent on the job, or any possible or hidden extra charges. You pay for the result, which is easy to judge in our business: your are able to watch the TV, simple like that. Before we start to work on it, we will give you a clear quote and work procedure, explaining what we are going to do, and the cost in total. Once you agree with it, we make it happen, then you pay cash, eftpos or bank transfer. Invoice are always available, but only sent by email from Xero directly. Please give us your email address for invoice.