Green Bay Used Sky Satellite Dish Roof Installation

This is a replacement installation of satellite dish to Optus D1. The old dish, according to the customer, was about 15 years old which is not functioning. He want a replacement of it. He thinks that Sky and it’s sub-contractors charges high so he talked to us. We have used Sky dish in good condition, and we replace the Sharp LNB anyway because most of them are 10750 which is good for one point but not idea for multiple point distribution. We use PBI Gold LNB 11300, the original LNB holding bracket is changed too, the neck is not the same dimension.

We collect these used dish from three major channels: road site pick up; renovation garbage, under customer permission; paid job of removal and take away. green-bay-used-sky-dish-roof-installation

The roof mount: in most of cases we use new roof mounts. In this photo it is a complete set of dish with mount. Rusted bolts and nuts are replaced by new ones. The Sky dish is somehow heavy duty compare to other regular KU band dishes. These dishes are designed to stand long in salty ocean climate.