Good Installation Example: Digital UHF TV Aerial, Dish Antenna & DAB Aerial

The only thing I can make it better is not attaching cables to the pole by black adhesive tape, I always use nylon tie, black or white. The problem of adhesive tape is that over time, when you want to remove them, it leaves too much soft irritating trails, while some other type get grisly, no power to hold together cables at all.

3 antenna together on one pole: top one is UHF aerial for Freeview HD; the second one is for Digital Audio Broadcasting, digital radio in short. The last one is a KU band dish antenna, for satellite TV.

This Dish LNB has 3 outputs. People might be curious that why don’t we use one cable then a one-in-three-out splitter? The idea is that if you receive a satellite, and put multiple receivers in different rooms, when all satellite transponders are either horizontal or vertical, there’s no problem. If the transponders are in both horizontal and vertical, you can not watch one channel on horizontal tp, while the other receiver on vertical tp channel, there’s a signal conflict. So to make 3 rooms all working independently, there has to be three independent LNB outputs.

It really depends on which satellite you are receiving. For safe’s case, you never know if there’s another transponder added in the future for a particular satellite, so to make sure there’s no need to work on the dish again, 3 outputs is always better than one cable and one splitter.

3 outputs also makes signal output more powerful, less signal lost over splitter as well.

If you have some a little terrace on your roof, install everything here, use this non-penetration basement and a strong pole to install everything you need. Leave some space for future new installation.