Freeview HD Aerial Chimney Installation

The higher the aerial is, the better the signal is. This is always true. Where is the highest point of your house? Of course it’s the chimney, if there’s one.

Chimney is always a good place to install the TV aerial, no matter it’s a wood structure, or made by bricks. Here this pictures shows all the different installation mount brackets. This diagram shows a typical lashing assembly.

The idea is simple: no damage to the chimney structure, minimum visual impact, less work, fast assembly, long lasting.

I personally prefer this type of stainless steel wire lashing more than the nylon tape lashing because you do not notice the wire at all from far. The bracket itself could be hiden to the other end of vision line.

There are some different versions of designs to meet heavy duty cases or smaller aerials like the ones for DAB or FM.

To know the final results, check the non-penatration chimney TV aerial installation gallery, for Freeveiw HD New Zealand.

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