Freeview Box, Channels & Subtitle


Wondering how to connect your TV box? This illustration show you exactly how they are connected. In many cases people call us for a small job but would not like to pay much falls into these connection category. While our standard repair work charge is $135, you probably will think about connecting them together first see if it works; Firstly make sure everything are correctly connected, then if you still find no signal reception, it’s right time to book our inspection and repairs.

HDMI connection from STB to TV;  S/PDIF audio wire for surround sound. Some channels have subtitles, if you use a box, press “sub-t”, you will see it, like this:

The channel numbers are different from DTV to Freeview box.

Electronic Program Guide: EPG, shows you the current and next 3 programs.

The mini HD Freeview box mini.

At back, there’s one antenna in, one composite output, one HDMI output.

The remote controller:

This is a Freeview terrestrial box, supports HD quality. Use it when you have a correct UHF digital aerial, but your TV does not support DTV, or not Freeview Built In. Using HDMI connection you watch high definition video, otherwise if it is connected via composite AV, the video is standard definition.

This box could not be connected to a satellite dish.