Kiwi Antennas offers Auckland wide Freeview HD UHF TV Aerial Installations. Freeveiw TV aerial replacement, TV signal repairs, cabling.

Freeview HD UHF TV Aerial Installation Auckland Wide

Freeview is NZ’s free-to-air TV and radio service giving you more channels, clearer pictures and sound and a 8 day on screen program guide. Going digital with Freeview is a smart choice. It is FREE. While it’s not totally free, you have to spend money on aerial installation, which is what we offer, for UHF aerial, installation and signal connections.

Two ways to get Freeview: Freeview|HD is available to 86% of Auckland homes and can be received using a UHF aerial connected to a Freeview|HD built in TV directly (most locally bought TV is Freeview ready), or a terrestrial receiver; Freeview Satellite is available to 100% of NZ homes and can be received using a satellite dish (it can be an optus d1 Sky dish) connected to a Freeview Satellite receiver, then to TV. We offer prompt and quality UHF aerial installations which are very reasonably priced, we are experienced professional installer and we can do TV signal jobs better.

Freeview Services Quotes: (gst exclusive prices)

  1. $135: regular Freeview aerial or satellite dish signal check & repair work
  2. $195: VHF to UHF replacement installation.
  3. $265: New UHF digital aerial eave or roof mount installation;

Freeview HD Channels:

TV One | TV2 | TV3 | FOUR | Prime | Māori Television | U | ChoiceTV | The Shopping Channel | Trackside | C4 | Parliament TV |First Light TV | Cue TV | Te Reo | Shine TV |tvCentral |

Trouble Shooting:

Auckland Terrestrial Transmitters: Waiatarua, Sky Tower, Pinehill, Remuera, Waiheke Island

Kiwi Antennas UHF Aerial:

We have two types of indoor/outdoor antenna, in most of the cases, we use 43-element standard good quality outdoor aerial for roof and attic installations. Flat UHF aerial is only used in apartment balcony and narrow spaces.

Freeview Satellite: Optus D1 at 160.0°E

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Digital Switch

  1. The rest of the world is switching to digital TV or have done already, “DIGITAL” represents the future.
  2. Analogue network is becoming more and more costly to keep running – the technology is dated and is becoming obsolete.
  3. It’s a good economic decision – there will be savings for broadcasters and the rest of NZ too.
  4. We can make better use of the airwaves – frequencies currently used for analogue TV will become available for next generation mobile and telecommunication services, which will improve productivity.

Auckland Digital Switch was done by December 2013. After that only Freeview HD digital signal is available over air broadcasting. The old VHF aerial is out of use, which means the old VHF is total no use.

Why there are both VHF and UHF aerial on the roof? Before the December 2013 digital switches, some channels were digital, while others were analog, to receive them all, it had to be a VHF and a UHF and a combiner to receive all channels. This situation was only for the transnational period. Now it’s digital only, and it will last for quite a few years. Rest assured if you want to remove the big old VHF, it’s no use.

Freeview HD Features:

  • Crystal clear pictures & sound
  • More Channels than analogue
  • No monthly fees
  • 8-day on-screen programme guide
  • Watch some of your favourite shows in high definition
  • Teletext service
  • Captioning service for the hearing impaired
  • Parental control

Freeview: UHF or Sat Dish?

Most New Zealand locally bought TV is Freeview Built In, which means the terrestrial disital signal decoder is built in the TV, it means you do not need a DVB-T type terrestrial box between UHF aerial and your TV. If it is not DTV ready Freeview Built In TV, you need aterrestrial receiver box. The video is

If it’s Freeview Satellite, you need a digitalsatellite decoder receiver box to receive the Free To Air Freeview NZ broadcasting on Oputs D1, the same satellite as SkyTV. The video is not standard definition, channels are less than terrestrial Freeview HD.

Freeview Auckland Coverage

Freeveiw Terrestrial signal are sent from ground based transmitters, 5 of them to cover Auckland. However, if in any cases the signal is blocked by trees or other buildings, you can choose to receive Freeview Satellite feed from Optus D1. If you have a SkyTV dish, we can use it.

Signal Levels of Auckland

We can bassically tell roughly the terrestrial signal level in most of the regions of Auckland, based on our installation and testing experiences. However, signal level varies from location to location, house to house because of landscape and building complixity. We will try our test to achieve utmost signal level in installation, it takes time, experiences, equipment and skills, that is what you paid us for.

Freeview TV Guide

You can check live Freeview NZ TV guide on