Q: What is VHF, UHF antenna?
A: How do I know if I have correct antenna, aerial? BEFORE was a VHF analog antenna, AFTER is the new digital UHF aerial. Most of the aerials look like these two, more or less.

Q: What is DTV, Freeview Built In TV?
A: Most of the TV available in New Zealand market are nowadays “DTV” ready. Some you see DTV directly, some others you see ATV and DTV together. There is normally a TV/AV switch button on your remote. You won’t see any letters like “Freeview” or Freeview Built In, it’s just DTV, for Digital TV. New Zealand frequency bandwidth is 8Mhz, Australia is 7Mhz, so if the TV is from Australia, or other countries, it might not work here.

Q: DVB-T Terrestrial Box
A: If your TV is not DTV ready, or shipped from overseas recently, you probably need a DVB-T receiver box connected to your antenna from signal end and the other end via HDMI to your TV. Please not DVB-T terrestrial is for UHF antenna; DVB-S Satellite is for satellite dish, most likely the Sky dish, to receive Freeview free to air satellite broadcasting channels, less channels, not HD.

Q: Where to install the aerial?
A: For a new house, we can install in in attic. You do not know that? Yes, its possible, there’s no difference in terms of signal quality. We can do it cheaper than outdoor installation because it ‘s easier for us to distribute signal. The builders normally leave a pack of cables connected to different room close to the maintenance ceiling access.

Q: Freeview Satellite?
A: If there’s no decent Freeview terrestrial signal via UHF antenna, the only way to get Freeview channels is via satellite dish. Freeview channels are carried on the same satellite as SkyTV. If you are not subscribing to Sky anyway, we can use it’ dish antenna. You need a DVB-S format satellite receiver. The video is not HD, but still all right. $120 for a receiver box and installation from us.

Q: Where should the aerial pointing to?
A:A: Major Freeview terrestrial signal transmitter is Waiatarua and Sky Tower. Wherever possible we use the western Waiatarus transmitter, it’s horizontal, signal is stronger. In places like Birkenhead or nearby, we use Sky Tower, aerial vertically installed. Occastionally we use Remueratransmitter in places like Parnell. Some places we can receive multiple signal, we have to use our experience and testing results to decide where to go.

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