East Auckland Freeview TV Aerial Installers

Our UHF Freeview TV Aerial Installers works in East Auckland: Howick, Half Moon Bay, Botany Downs, Pakuranga Heights, Cockle Bay, Dannemora, Pakuranga, East Tamaki, Bucklands Beach, Glen Innes, Point England, Glendowie, St Heliers, Stone Fields, Mount Wellington

Howick Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

There are three antennas to be removed: one in the front gate like this:

The other two, one is on the roof-mounted on the same pole as UHF, after removal it’s like this:

The third one was hidden under the ceiling of the garage, they are all cut into pieces. So the outdoor is done now. From the UHF into the living room, part of the cable have to be replaced. I put a 1-in-3-out splitter, a new cable to one of the bedroom, and a new Igloo box of $90 extra for the TV which is not DTV ready. In total, the price is $220+gst.

Glendowie VHF To UHF Replacement Installation

Checking around for all signal sockets. This time we replace one socket lead for free.

Glendowie TV Aerial Signal Repair

Typical VHF UHF signal problem. Two units sharing one antenna installation.

St Johns VHF-UHF-Dish

Does the aerial really need to be installed as high as this? No, I could have removed the top extension but I left it thereafter removing the VHF.


This is very typical signal issues. There are VHF and UHF on one mount, there’s a sky TV dish dual LNB output to two different rooms. There’s one aerial cable to the other end of the unit’s room. The Sky TV cable is closer to the TV so the owner wants it to be connected to the TV, without worrying about Sky signal because they no longer subscribe to Sky anymore. It took about an hour to remove the VHF, and two different combiner diplexer, while the next unit is sharing the same aerial so a splitter is added. I invited something simple to figure out which cable is to the room I want since there are two cables from the dish into the roof. This method is quick and easy, I will display it in the future posts.

This job is $1135 for labour and time, $15 for cable extension, $10 for a splitter. Total is $155. If you buy the accessories it’s going to cost over $60 already and I do not think it’s easy for a regular guy to the connector and remove the diplexer boxes and make a proper connection so it’s a good cheap deal to find us to do it for you. 

Glendowie 91 Element UFH Aerial Installation

Some locations of Glendowie fit in the “poor” signal coverage area. Aerials are bigger and higher. In the first place, remove the old VHF. The customer wanted a better quality aerial if possible so I set up the Japanese yagi the shorter, but we have TV3 pixelation.


In terms of quality, it does not necessarily mean that a better one could possibly more sensitive to signal, in most of the cases this yes, the difference is a few years later, you will find these Japanese types still look the same and signal reception is basically the same level as of the first installation; while the regular type might be broken. Time tells the major differences.


Yagi’s design and brackets are all different than the common ones. It does not require onsite assembly so it same s a lot of time to the installation. It’s much lighter and it’s taking less wind blow power. The metal used to manufacture is makes a major difference. Most of the regular ones use recycled combined metals, aluminium.

Anyway, this smaller one is not sufficient in Glendowie. Then I set up the bigger Yagi antenna. This one is much longer but super light, very easy to install. The antenna is a whole piece which does not need assembly. (the package is too big indeed.)


The wired thing is that after this the signal strength increased significantly but not much increase of signal quality which was good already with the first antenna, we just need it to be more powerful. It seems like the smaller one plus a powered amplifier might do the job. However, we want to keep it simple so I finally put up the biggest 91 element UHF.


SIZE DOES MATTER! This 91-element regular got bigger reflector, stretchering wings and it’s longer. Finally, all channels work properly.

St Heliers Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

I prefer there are people at home when I do the check and fix the job. The signal is not all about aerial on the roof, it’s more likely to be about many different aspects together causing the signal lost. In this St Heliers case, I thought the customer was at home but when I arrived I found no people there, doors locked. I called and I was instructed to go into the yard and to do the roof antenna check.

I did a lot of things: aerial aligned to a different transmitter which gives the aerial more signal than the original one; VHF-UHF combiner removed; I followed the cable and found a chimney mounted VHF, & another combiner which was removed as well. The lashing wires are almost rusted,  some parts are going to fall down. Then I connected the two different piece of the cable properly, or as properly as possible because they are different size and quality types until I found it vanished under the gutter on the other side of the house.

That’s all I can do without people at home. I had to leave. The invoice was sent: $135+gst regular fix. Soon I received an email telling me that nothing I have done has fixed the signal, and I’m challenged that I have not done much because he could not see the difference. I explained the above, feeling i made another mistake of doing the job without people on site, I probably have to go back, should I charge extra for another trip? I think I have to.

Kohimarama VHF to UHF Replacement Installation

  1. Remove the big VHF aerial this part is simple, go to the roof, cut the blot, remove the aerial, cut it into pieces then recycling bin.
  2. Test signal level on-site, decide which aerial is good for this area.
  3. Assemble and set up the new aerial, tune direction to achieve utmost signal. Keep meter on for 5 minutes until we are sure that’s the highest level of both signal strength and quality, be sure it’s stable as well.
  4. The hard work starts from here normally, to check each point’s signal level inside. To make sure that customers are not going to call us ever again for the signal issues, we have to check the whole cabling through to know that there’s nothing blocking or slowing down the signal, it’s like checking the leak point. They can be different splitters, connectors, piece of cable, rusted lead, touching shielding, wall sockets and fly leads.

The job is normally $195 GST inclusive. Occasionally some fly leads and wall plates replacement with the extra cost of $7.5 a piece or $20 a replacement.

Glendowie New UHF Aerial Installation Freeview HD

$265+gst, 1,000mm hockey stick mount, UHF aerial, installation, cable connection to existing connections.


St Heliers 91-Element UHF Re-installation

The customer bought his own aerial and installed it this way, the result is no signal. It is not a good quality aerial, we never use this type, must be from Trademe. He was following the neighbour’s aerial direction. The aerial was not installed properly. In St Heliers it is not likely that you set up aerial out there on the roof then it works. In this area, we can point the antenna to west transmitter horizontally or vertically to Remuera transmitter, either way, it is difficult to lock the signal.

It was not only about installation, the direction, the transmitter, it was also about cable replacement, the wrong old type of splitters…everything happen together in this case. It took 2.5 hours to fix them one by one. These can not be done by DIY.

Bucklands Beach Broken Aerial Removal and Replacement

Two old broken aerial, top one is VHF, the mount looks still standing up straight. The fallen one is UHF, mount rusted.  UHF wings missing, bracket rusted, can not put it back. The mount rusted from the bottom. The Bucklands Beach customer does not want to spend $225 for a new mount, so we removed the old VHF, used it’s mount to be put back on the original UHF position, and tuned a new digital UHF aerial. Total cost $185, broken pieces removed. It’s clear and clean now. The mount looks too high for small new aerial like this. High mounting could cause more vibration in the wind which transfers more power to mount base. This mount is 1200mm, a 500mm short hockey stick is better.

Howick UHF Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

The top is broken failed UHF, lower is VHF which needs to be removed, the bottom is a diplexer which we remove as well in most of the cases. We repaired it at $135+gst.

Cockle Bay UHF Dish Back Installation

Cockle Bay UHF aerial installation, $265+gst to be installed on the back of Sky dish. Cockle Bay is more to South East of Auckland, to receive the terrestrial signal from the Western Freeview HD transmitter, the UHF aerial direction is in line with Sky dish, which is facing Northwest.