Dual Polarization Single Output LNB

When a SkyTV dish LNB fails, we have to replace the failed LNB with regular universal LNB, the problem is the LNB “neck” is not in the same diameter. We are going to replace the lnb bracket as well. This is how the universal holder is fitted into Sky dish.


This SkyTV dish LNB holder is special, the LNB is dual polarization too. In most of the cases the Sky TV dish LNB are different.

sky-dish-lnb-bracketSee this replacement example: Laingholm Freeview Dish LNB Replacement

Here are some example of regular Sky TV dish LNB
2 Used SkyTV Dishes with Sharp LNB For Sale
Tuakau SkyTV Dish Signal Lost
In this case it shows why replacing a failed LNB needs a different holder as well. SkyTV Dish For Freeview

The advantage of a dual polarization LNB is that we can receive both the horizontal and vertical transponders of Oputs D2 satellite. There are around 50 free to air channels.


OrbSat Dual Polarization Single Output LNB:

Input Frequency: 12.25-12.75GHz
Output Frequency: 950-1450MHz
L.O. Frequency: 11300MHz

LNB reduce the high frequencies down to a different level which the receiver can read.