Central Auckland TV Aerial Installations

Our Central Auckland areas Freeview TV aerial UHF antenna installation work example are typically like the following repair and installation cases. We list them to give you an example of most likely the TV signal problems are. Your case could be one of these installation samples. Our fixed price TV signal repair and antenna installation policy make your job booking worry free.

Truro Road Sandringham Aerial Replacement

Before: There were two aerials, one old type VHF analog type, one smaller UHF type but obviously a cheap one without elements. There was a VHF+UHF combiner which causes trouble all the time. Since the analog time is gone,  it does not make any sense to keep the huge

VHF aerial there. The reason why we see everywhere there are still such type of aerial is that most installers do not bother to take in down. The screws, blots and nuts are all totally rusted, it’s hard to remove them. In this case it took me half an hour to do the removal work.  After: Lessons learned: I need a heavy duty metal cutter plier to do the removal job faster. It is much easier than use wrenches to remove the rusted nuts and bolts.

Mt Eden TV Aerial Replacement Installation

The left is the old VHF TV aerial. The mount hockey stick is still all right; UHF assembly: before I come, the customer has assembled the aerial, ready to use. There’s a small 21” Philip flat screen, with DTV ready, and there’s a Freeview logo which means this product is for New Zealand market Freeview Built In. We connect the cable, do a search then we have all the HD channels.

The customer had no idea that the TV is digital ready. He bought a Igloo box but actually he only wanted the basic freeview channels. The Igloo box could be returned and this saved him another $100 or so.  This job is $135.

Kensington Avenue Freeview Aerial Installation

Old VHF down:Firstly without any doubt we took the old VHF tv aerial down, cut them into piece and take them away from your property.

Then a new 91-element UHF TV aerial be installed; Now you have better signal receiption: it’s a straight line from aerial to splitter in basement, from where the TV signal is distributed to 4 rooms. The box above is called diplixer, to combine the analog and digital signal together then to output them to TV; There was a few years that both analog and digital signals are transferred at the same time, some channels in analog while others in digital, to get them all, people need two aerials. This is why you see a lot of aerials out there very where, at least half of them are no in use, what a shame, only for about 2 years, what a waste.

Nowadays people have to pay to get them removed, while that’s our service, i have no complains. I gave the balance aluminium sticks to the old lady, she wants to use them for here new plants.

Apartment Building Freeview Connection Broadway Road New Market

This is a 5 floor apartment building. The tenant could not figure out why they do not have TV for quite a while until they called. There are two connections from the wall panel. I tested both, one is SkyTV digital satellite signal, the other is Freeview digital signal from Sky Tower transmitter.  The TV is old Toshiba, there are two composite AV input and one analog TV input. A new Freeview terrestrial box is must in this case. The box itself supports high definition but the TV’s av inputs do not support this, so the composite AV1 is used. Two chinese channels are 15 and 16, the Chinese TV & TV33. A Freeview box and connection costs $140+gst.

Parnell Freeview Aerial Installation

I have to use the existing SkyTV dish mount on the highest eave of the 3-story house for the new Freeview digital aerial.

The customer decided not to use the SkyTV package any more. Freeview channels are enough, and the picture is HD. The problem is that the house is recently renovated, they do not want to install a new stick anywhere, if possible, because it’s going to block view anywhere no matter where, except the highest point:(

We set up the ladder on second floor right beside the sky window. We spent an hour to make sure the base is solid and safe, firstly making a even level platform, secondly using 3 screws to secure the ladder feet. We wanted to use a adjustable foot ladder but found it’s still a bit slippy. Harness was locked on dish mount temporarily and some one below me helped to secure the ladder. I tried my best to finish it as soon as I can but another problem emerged: since the aerial has to point to Remuera to receive the vertical signal, while the SkyTV dish mount is not high enough, the roof to edge is blocking the aerial reflector piece, I could not make the signal ideal. I had to assembly the aerial again so the two reflectors are on each side of the edge, actually only to make the signal quality from 65 up to 72 and strenght from 60-65.

Next time I probably have give up this type of job unless the customer agree that we use a hockey stick or another wall mount to install the new aerial in a much easier and secure place.

The good aspect of this installation is that I do not have to worry about cabling. It costed around 2.5 hours to talk about installation and cabling ideas, set up ladder, and finish the installation, plus driving it is almost 4 hours:(  , PLUS: it kept raining.

This job is $175+gst, I probably should have charged a bit more for this. This is not a regular installation, I have to quote desperately if the customers have a different but might be difficult installation idea.

Epsom Attic TV Aerial Installation

There’s a small entrance to the “attic’, not actually, a narrow space above ceiling. It’s a thin attic so I installed the aerial right above the entrance. Signal is good, even better than some low signal coverage area outdoor signal level.

This is how it is mounted: Builder has not placed a distribution box, for example, in garage, instead, they leave all cable leads above ceiling. To install an aerial is still ok, but for a dish installation, this electrician practice left a lot of trouble for future cabling connections for satellite dish installation cause the dish has to be outside mounted.

Herne Bay TV Aerials

Now everybody knows what I’m going to do next…but remember when you try to do the same: 1. sun protection; 2. harness, do not go to any roof without proper harness attached.

City Indoor UHF UwPA Aerial Installation

A customer decided to pick up an UwPA in workshop and to try his luck for indoor Freeview signal reception. It’s on the fifth floor. Sky tower is not far away, to try Sky tower transmission, aerial has to be placed vertically. We can not tell if it works or not before the on site test. This applies to all UHF antennas.  The shop price for UwPA is $75 gst inclusive. If we have to go to set it up and mount it, the total will be $165 including antenna, mount, cable and labor. It worth a try by yourself to save the $90.

It works very well on this site, this is how it was installed. The flexible short mount is $8, the extra piece of cable connection with proper connectors is $7.5. We make different length of cable by $1 per meter in workshop. You can choose to make some here when you pick up the aerial. This new TV got both satellite and terrestrial decoder built in.

When it says ANT In, it means both satellite signal and terrestrial signal. Satellite signal is in higher frequency. The bottom one is for UHF antenna terrestrial signal, Freeview HD. Why the two plugs are different? I do not know, I want both of the to be the top twist on type which makes signal though smoothly, like 75 ohms coaxial RG6 cable.

Mount Wellington Broken UHF Replacement Installation

Broken arrow, this is serious. Oh no, not really, my mistake, it’s broken aerial, just a few day no TV, not a big deal.


Both are UHF, digital type, able to receive digital terrestrial Freeview signal. The problem is the top one is not capable enough, the bottom one got aerial major part the diplixer missing. We have to remove both of them, put up a new one. Cost is $185 gst inclusive. This job is regular daily. In most of the cases, we will change all the connectors and some splitters to full band 5-2400Mhz which is ok for both FM, Freeview and Satellite.


This is not actually an installation, it was a delivery and connection. This is one unit in a big house. There were 3 different types of antennas on roof. The signal from wall socket is 0%, the tenant is not making a decision for any signal fix works on roof. The solution is this indoor antenna. When it’s placed horizontal it is receiving signal from Sky Tower, the direction is more to this side window. We have a 65% signal quality, all freeview channels are working fine. This antenna is not position sensitive, being there roughly pointing to the correct direction then we have good signal. This antenna + delivery and connection the price is $265+gst.

Marau Crescent Mission Bay TV Aerial Signal Check

Before we come, The electrician did some work for the in house cabling and distribution but things are not properly connected. There are four things on roof, a VHF analog aerial which is out of use, a 91-element UHF aerial, a combiner and a SkyTV dish antenna.

There’s no signal what so ever in the house everywhere. First thing we check is to find all the SkyTV outlets, all with correct signal input from the dish, then I found the main input, in bedroom and somehow transferred the signal to living room, connect it to a satellite box, did all the configuration then the box receives Freeveiw satellite, which is connected to the TV’s AV input 2 the composite av type.

Second thing I do is that I went up to the roof, removed the VHF aerial and the combiner, tested the digital signal from UHF,  connect the digital aerial directly to the main cable, after that I found the main input, connected the 1-in-3-out splitter, one to bed room, one to living room, and one to kitchen, the Kitchen one is not through but the customer thinks jut let it be. 

In total I only charged $135 including GST and I accept bank transfer to my business account; The left photo is after job done. Now they have Freeview terrestrial  signal too, via the DTV port of her Freeview Built In TV, it’s easy to find all the HD Freeview channels.

Epsom Freeview TV Aerial Signal Repair

This job is $165 for removal of old VHF antenna, digital UHF antenna tuning, and three room connection. The location is high. My regular 5.8m fold ladder wont reach to the bottom.  I had to go back again with a 6.5m extension ladder to take down the big VHF. Three wall TV plates were series connected, I have to remove the wall plates with IC, add 1-in-2-out splitter. Down to the third point, which is the major point where TV is located. The signal quality is down from 65% to 42-45%. In this level the channels carried on ch45 is not stable, there are pixellations now and then. I added  a powered amplifier in the last point, the quality reaches up to 65% but the cutomer think it is not worth the extra $95 since they only watch the first 10 channels, they do not care if there are problems on channels beyond 20.

Mt Eden TV Aerial Installation

Do we really need so many aerials everywhere? Here i see two different type of aerials broken. Beside them there’s a 91-element aerial, I tested it and find the signal quality is up to 71%. It is enough for 4 units to share just this one. Since the next unit is sharing the dish anyway, so I added a distributor, and it’s done. It took much longer time to clean up the roof.

Ellerslie TV Aerial Replacement U-LD3 Hitachi UHF Antenna

This aerial is different than our daily used AV-43XU type which is 1200mm long. This U-LD3 Hitachi outdoor UHF antenna is much shorter, super light. The owner has a concern on wind blowing on heavy pieces on roof, this is absolutely a good concern. For regular antenna replacement it’s $195, to upgrade the aerial to this Japanese Hitachi antenna, it’s $30 extra only. About U-LD3. (in Japanese), and a Youtube instruction.

Grey Lynn New UHF Aerial Roof Installation


Grey Lynn new UHF aerial roof installation. $265 gst inclusive, for aerial, roof mount, installation, cable connection to attic, a 4 way splitter to four points each signal checked, and two TV tuning. One piece of fly lead from wall socket to TV free. Where is the cable going to the attic? There’s always a open gap some where for this time of steel roofing.

Western Spring UHF Replacement Installation

western -spring

VHF to UHF replacement installation in Western Spring Auckland. $195 gst inclusive. Cable connection, free splitter replacement and multiple points check.

Ponsonby New UHF Aerial Installation

Nice day! Clear Sky! It’s a good day to stay outdoor. Of course this is one super advantage of working as aerial installer in Auckland. Breeze, shower rain, sunshine, peaceful landscape view on roof, where probably you have never been to, well you don’t have to…This new Ponsonby installation is $265, aerial, 500mm hockey stick, cabling, connection, tv tuning, and remember our price is always gst inclusive, all small accessories included.

Mt Roskill UHF TV Aerial Roof Mount

$165 to provide roof mount and installation work. Customer got his own aerial, gst inclusive. 4 meters cabling, aerial set up and TV tuning.

Onehunga TV Aerial Replacement Installation

We do a regular replacement installation at $195. If you have an existing mount in correct position and there’s a not working well VHF old antenna, cabling and distributions are all ready, a new UHF aerial and tuning is $195. There are two wall socket loose two connection cable caused 10dB signal down. Repair and short connection cable replacement costed extra 15.

Epsom Townhouse Indoor UHF Installation

In this 3-story connected townhouse in Epsom, each unit got a outdoor UHF aerial installed on second or third floor, not on roof but some where in the balcony. The distribution cables are all in ceiling of first floor garage so it’s supper difficult to distribute the signal to different rooms. While with my UwPA Yagi indoor Japanese antenna, we do not have to install anything, this is how it works. For one point watching of Freeview, this UwPA yagi indoor type is ideal. It costs much less than an outdoor installation. This indoor antenna does not requires a accurate position, just generally place it to the signal transmitter direction it’s already working fine. The price is $195 including delivery and installation plus the short connection cable.

One Tree Hill TV Aerial Mounted On Dish Stand

A Freeview UHF aerial could be mounted on the same bracket of SkyTV dish. Look at this:

With a pair of sat-ant signal combiner and splitter, the terrestrial signal and satellite signal could be transferred through one cable. Most Sky TV installations use a separated cable rather than connecting to the house’s cable network. I split the aerial signal again and feed it so the wall socket, change the connection in the cable hub, so Freeview is distributed to other rooms as well. This makes the installation much easier and quicker, at the same time no extra mounts on other places and no extra cable used. See how it works: Sat-Ant Signal Diplexer.

Freemans Bay New UHF Installation

The aerial was somewhere, the roof was renovated a few years ago so the old roof mount was gone but this is not a problem, we do not have to touch the roof at all.


There are two different cabling hidden, I found them and connected them then two rooms got freeview, finally I got some easy works to do. This is how it is attached.

Parnell Old House 3 TV Aerials

Last Thursday late morning I receive the call from a senior person wanted me to check her signal. She receives some channels but not at all for other channels. She could not sent text message, i tried hard to understand her, excuse me for my language, some time it’s harder for me to follow people through but I do make it clear about what they have, what they  want, and most importantly my quote. So I tried to wrote down her number when I was not driving. 4pm I arrived and found it’s like this, three antennas out there mounted on one chimney stand.


I followed through the cabling and found this is obviously done in different phases.

1. the VHF antenna for analog age
2. the vertically mounted UHF for digital switch, receiving signal from Remuera transmitter, her in Parnell it’s common. We can not get signal from Waiatarua in this area. The remuera transmitter is broadcasting signal vertically on ch 28, 32, 40. The location is here:

3. It seems like the middle antenna is not doing it’s job well, a third flat UHF was installed.

The new white cable is connected from the third antenna down to a new splitter which leads signal to two different rooms via the old thin cable.

Anyway, signal is quick week and unstable, I do not think the TV is going to receive some channel but most of the channels are working except TV1&2.

I’d like to tell the old lady that it could firstly about antenna, secondly about the two cable down in the basement. It’s going to cost over 250 I think because the basement is full of old staff and it’s super narrow. The roof is steep, I would not like to go there.

The old lady insisted that it was the top antenna cable connection cut by storm the day before it. “you see, it’s hanging over there”

I spent about an hour on this case but there’s nothing we can do to make a difference unless more budget is available. This lesson reminds me that I can not make everybody happy, I just need to enjoy what I’m doing, and some basic principles.

While some times I might lost phone calls and people left voice messages, to be honest I do not listen to voice messages, but I do reply text messages timely, also the emails, after each job done I spend some time replying other messages and emails, for next day, or next location.

Mt Albert Freeviw TV Aerial Replacement Installation

Hope every day is like today, another replacement installation. This one is $195, and $20 for cable extension. I send people invoice by email, I do not print invoices, I consider it is a waste of paper. I send it from Xero, people can pay in two weeks, there are longer payments, eventually people always pay the bill.


Mt Roskill UHF Freeview Aerial Installation


This is an easy way to install the aerial without touching the house at all. The customer is willing to use the visionasia satellite cable to transfer aerial Freeview signal, this makes the job quick attractive. It seems like it’s a rule that each time when I find things could be easy there will be a particular difficulty occurs. This time it is about the roof, 9:30am in the morning the dew is not dry yet on tiling. I had to wait extra 20 minutes before going up close to the chimney.

Anyway, this shows how the “hockey stick” is attached to satellite dish mount. This way of installation allows me to erect a mast without putting extra screws on your eave or chimney.


You might have noticed that I changed the original aerial wing nuts to 6mm flange nuts because stainless steel flange nuts offers some advantages:

  1. i’m not a tall guy, some times I can not reach to the nuts if I have to set up aerials high, I can extend my ability by using a longer wrench, so it has to be a regular nut.
  2. it’s not easy to turn flange nut backwards
  3. it’s not going to rust easily.
  4. Wing nuts are not for professionals.

Freeman’s Bay TV Aerial Removal


Typical installation on Auckland roofs. The extension pole is not connected well which had been making noise all night. The heavy VHF analog aerial is loose, swing around in wind.  The big one was remove. The UHF was taken down and extension pole removed, uhf installed back again, signal tuned. Whole job is $135.

Kingsland Indoor Yagi TV Aerial Installation

A quick and easy indoor installation. No other indoor antenna can perform better than Yagi. Signal strength 71, quality 79. I could not achieve such a high performance in most of the outdoor installations. This indoor UHF is placed in a position to receive Sky Tower signals.


Always an auto tuning after signal connection, to erase wrong frequency matching problems. This job is $265.


Mt Eden Aerial Re-Installation

Eventually it looks like this:

The reason is obvious:

To install it back properly, some brackets have to be replaced. I forgot my bolt cutter that afternoon, it made the job much difficult I have to use other tools to achieve a simple task.


I collect and save different accessories, brackets now an then, they are going to be useful some where I know, sooner or later. The blots and nuts are all imported stainless steel. Afterwards it looks like this:


This job is $120, same day as they called.

Point England Aerial Repair

In many cases when we are asked to repair a signal or aerial, the original brackets plus bolts and nuts are still there. Once you try to loose them, they could be broken. We have to use alternative accessories like what I used for this Point England aerial signal fix job. The aerial is basically in ok condition but I have to tune it to different direction. To do so I have to use the brackets but the original ones could be not fastened properly at all. Then I used my “universal” brackets with U bolt and flange nut 6mm. This job is $120.


Remuera MySky + Freeveiw

This was before:

Sky dish signal was was sent to one room  with MySky HDi, after RF Modulator the same channel was shared in a second room. Now he wants VHF antenna replaced and Freeview to all other rooms. This is how it is achieved.


Many wires are removed. The marks on the socket were misleading. I had to go to the attic to check all cable out. Connector in all wall sockets are replaced. This job is $275. An extra Igloo box added which is $100 extra.

Grey Lynn TV Aerial Replacement

This is a new model UHF aerial, to replace the old VHF. Price for this job is $150. We remove the old aerial, check out all pieces of cable and connectors, some of them re-done.


This is aerial is good for ch29, 33, 35 which carries the regular freeview channels, we not for ch31 which carries Igloo subscription based channels. The customer wanted a free second hand aerial, I decide to take this chance to try the new aerial sample, made from the same factory of our regular aerial supplies. Ability of reception is good, easier to assemble, the reflectors are bigger…

Lynfield Freeview Signal Check & Repair

This job is daily regular, can you do this to save yourself $120, yes probably,  but:

  1. you have to take the risk going to roof;
  2. buy proper tools to remove the vhf, bolts are more likely rusted, it’s hard to remove it. My solution is simple: bolt cutter;
  3. You need proper connectors and joiners to hook up cables;
  4. you have to learn what to do about the dixplixer, or an amplifier master head if there is one;
  5. going up and down checking tv, or yell to another person;
  6. more likely there’s “leak points???through the cable for digital signal transmission interference, in analog time we do not have to worry to much about interference, nowadays there are too much more data transmission over air, wifi, dab, 3g, 4g;
  7. change wall socket connection properly…until now if you got luck the TV is working fine, so…please, leave it to us and we appreciate it very much. The top one is UHF digital aerial, the lower one is VHF, the one on chimney is satellite dish for SkyTV. What we look after if Frreview HD, only available from UHF aerial.

Sandringham UHF Roof Installation

Regular roof mount installation for a newly built house in Sandringham. I prefer to install a smaller bracket on weather board behind the current aerial position, with a much smaller and lighter Hitachi UHF antenna U-LD3 TV aerial. The customer wants to keep it the same as others.


This is how the roof mount is attached to the roof. New UHF aerial roof installation is $265, for one dish you see in the photo, roof mount installation, cabling to attic from where through a splitter the signal is transferred to all other rooms.

Ellerslie New Freeview TVAerial Installation

Ellerslie new UHF tv aerial installation. The original mount and aerial were rusted falling off. Firstly we removed them, then a new installation. Total is $265. The job was done on Sunday afternoon.

Onehunga Attic UHF TV Aerial Installation

$265 for a new UHF outdoor digital TV antenna installed indoor in attic.


Belmont Flat Roof New TV Aerial Installation

500mm hockey stick mount and regular UHF aerial, $265 gst inclusive and cabling to one point. Installation points well sealed.

Parnell UHF Aerial Satellite Dish Back Installation


An easier way to install the UHF aerial in to attach it to the back of a Sky dish. We modified the regular hockey stick mount with U bolt and holding bracket to make it simple and strong. This type of new installation is $265 gst inclusive.

$20 extra we can add a UHF-Satellite signal combiner so the same cable transfers both dish and terrestrial UHF signal. Total will be $265.

Meadowbank New UHF Aerial Roof Installation

This standard new installation is $245 gst inclusive. 1200mm roof mount, regular outdoor UHF aerial, cable connection to attic from where signal is distributed to different rooms via existing cabling. Please note that we do not do inside wall new cabling. Technically it’s possible but it’s too time consuming, and there’s high possibility that some inside the wall wires are touched.

Mission Bay Freeview Signal Repair Job

This mission bay signal check and repair is a very typical Auckland Freeview signal issue. We removed the VHF, do all connectors (rg59) again, and change the wall plate from TVC type to TVF type, F connector is more ideal for digital signal transmission. $140 for this job gst inclusive.

Dannemora Dish Back New UHF Aerial Installation

Dannemora-2 (1)

This installation is simple and easy. $245 for a new aerial, a special bracket to be attached to the base mount of Sky dish, using the same cable to transfer Freeview HD terrestrial signal. $20 extra we can put a pair of signal combiner and splitter so you can keep box terrestrial and satellite signal.


Before end of May the new shipment comes, we will use this type of aerial temporarily. These aerials are from the same manufacture. I did not use it before because I do not like it’s iron coated reflectors and it’s holding bracket. We are more likely to install this type in attic indoor installations.

Ellerslie New Aerial Dish Back Installation

Ellerslie new UHF aerial dish back installation, $245 gst inclusive.

Epsom VHF to UHF Replacement TV Aerial Installation

$185 gst inclusive, to use the same aerial pole, remove old VHF aerial, set up and tune to utmost signal level to a new UHF digital aerial, connection to existing points, some times we have to change a couple of connectors and splitters, but anyway $185 it’s all included to make Freeview HD all working fine.

Sandringham Broken UHF TV Aerial Replacement

There was a failed rusted UHF on the bottom of the pole. We could not reach that high to touch the top VHF so we did not remove it. There are a few case when we do not feel 100% secure we have to give up doing some basic practices like removal, safety is always number 1 priority. In this business you only fail once:(  This job is $185 gst inclusive.

Mt Albert UHF TV Freeview Aerial Replacement

Replacement Freeview TV aerials installation of VHF to UHF, or broken UHF to new UHF aerial, price $195 gst inclusive with 3 years aerial quality warranty. This morning’s Meadowbank Freeview installation VHF to UHF replacement, $195 gst inclusive.

Ellerslie Broken UHF TV Aerial Removal To Install Customer’s Own Aerial

$125 to remove the broken old aerial, and to install customer’s own aerial bought some where else.

Remuera VHF Removal And New UHF TV Aerial Installation

This is what we did. The aerial is receiving signal from Sky Tower.

Total cost is $225 for removal, and new installation. Gst included. Two wall plates checked and one core connector on it replacement, for free. Time is not too tight this afternoon.

Sandringham Broken TV Aerial Mount Replacement

It was a replacement installation early last year. I replaced the broken old VHF, set up a new UHF on the old mount which was on top point. One year later, the mount bottom parts was rusted through. The customer insisted that I should put it back for free because he believed it was a new installation.

Here comes a difficult situation. It was a replacement, the whole things is partly done by us. We are responsible only to what we provided, which was an aerial, on his old mount and cabling. We can not take responsibilities on other parts like mount and cable.

If I had told him in the first place that I think we’d better to replace the mount too, he should have regarded that as a ripe off for extra money, this is why we always put it clear in quotations the difference between replacement and new install. The mount look well last year, I did not believe that it failed so soon. In cases that we can judge on site that the current mount will not last long, we will suggest customer to increase budget for new installation.