TV Signal Extension Cabling

TV Signal RG6: $120 for cable extension including a splitter, cabling, and a new point wall socket or floor socket.
Internet CAT6: $120 for internet LAN connection from one location to another with proper late.
Telephone Wire: We use CAT6 as well for telephone line extension, we have proper telephone sockets wall mount installation, price is $120 per job.

RF Modulator: SkyTV RF Modulator installation is $165 including modulator and tuning using your exsiting RG6 cable network to transfer the same SkyTV channel from Sky box to another room’s TV directly.

We do new construction data wiring jobs as well. We give quotation after your blueprint or onsite check and measurements.

Signal Amplifier:

MWe have two type of UHF full band powered signal amplifier.

1. Masterhead type: master head installed close to UHF aerial, power supply part installed after splitter next to AC socket. This set boots up all points connected to the same splitter, this is a ideal solution for multiple room signal boosting. Price is $85.

2. Integrated power amplifier, to be installed next to TV after wall socket, to amplify one pint. Price is $30.