BVN The Dutch Channel Optus D2 Installation

Close to SkyTV satellite Optus D1 at 160E, there’s a Optus D2 at 152.0°E with many free to air channels, one of them is the dutch channel BVN on transponder 12519 V 22500.

BVN | De publieke televisiezender voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen.

We can use a 65cm dish to receive the vertical signal transmission. Most Ku band LNB receives either vertical or horizontal signals, the turbo duo-polarization type receives both. Today it’s a regular 11300GHz signal LNB, I set it to receive the vertical transponders:

12519 V 22500 ( BVN channel is here )
12546 V 22500
12706 V 22500
12734 V 22500

This is today’s Browns Bay, North Shore installation.
There is a SkyTV dish antenna mounted on a wood block attached to gutter. There’s another aerial mast which is not used. It is impossible to install a standard Sky dish to a long standing mast because of dish elevation, with out type of dish antenna, it’s not a problem, we can always install both dish and aerial on one mast.

This is a unique way to install the dish antenna, we do not have to damage anything. Here look at the back: And dish elevation does not matter to this type of antenna, we have enough space for both Oputs D1 & D2. Later on the mast can still be used as for aerial installation. The aerial is pointing to west, while the dish is facing almost North so even the pole is short, there’s no way the aerial is going to block some dish signal.

Simple FTA satellite receiver StarTrack made in Korea.

Easy to use navigation and software:

This job is $350+gst for one dish, one lnb, dish installation, one FTA box and cabling. This system can also be used to receive Arabic and Turkish and some Indian and Pakistan channels.

BVN The Flemish and Dutch Channel

Het beste van Vlaanderen en Nederland – The best of Flanders and the Netherlands – BVN Channel on Optus D2 152°E, the satellite right next to SkyTV’s Optus D1.

Australia & New Zealand (FTA)
12.519 GHz Vertical
SR: 22500 FEC: 3/4
SID: 508 Video
PID: 5081 Audio
PID: 5082 Stereo

BVN was launched on 1996, owned by RNW, NPO, VRT. BVN offers standard picture format of 16:9 (576i, SDTV, standard definition). The channels is originnaled fromBelgium and Netherlands broadcasting worldwide. It is formerly called Zomer TV. All programs are replayed during the second 12-hour block, running from 0100 to 1300 CET daily, features news and current affairs, sport, children, entertainment and drama.

We have been receiving more and more enquirers about BVN like the followings:

Im interested in getting dutch/flemish tv. I live in auckland so could you advise me what to do? Eric, my wife was corresponding with you previously about receiving BVN. We are keen to get this installed when you are back in Auckland, in the interim I have a couple of quick questions:

  1. Is the 75cm Lu Band dish the same as we would have for sky satellite (Mysky)?
  2. If so, do we need a separate or 2nd dish?
  3. Do we buy the satellite box from you or Harvey Normans etc? Is it common to run this box in parallel with MySky?
  4. Is there a list of the BVN channels that we would expect to receive?

[pullquote]Hallo KiwiAntennas, for several years I have had 2 transponders on one satellite dish, one for Optus D1 (NZ tv) and one for Optus D2 (Dutch TV BVN). This was installed by a company that is unfortunately no longer in existence. The optus D2 reception has always been very reasonable, but has suddenly disappeared. I have tried to see if adjustment of the transponder would help, but no luck. Are you able to help? The dish and transponder is easy to reach on the roof of the extension at the back of my house, a renovated villa. Niger Street, Grey Lynn.[/pullquote]

If Optus D1 signal is still ok, I think it could be a LNB failure for OptusD2, It works by average 3-5 years in nature. I suggest you to buy the same type of LNB, replace it and test. In any case, do not move the dish position, especially when it is one dish for two satellites.

  • Thank you for prompt response and sensible advice. Yes everything seems to be working fine, so I will try a new LNB for Optus D2.

If you would like to contact BVN for any suggestions and questions about a certain program, the contacts are:

Witte Kruislaan 55, Hilversum, Netherlands
Postal/Zip Code NL-1217 AM
Telephone +31 (0)35 672 4211 / 4333
Telefax +31 (0)35 672 4352 / 4343

There are many other international FTA channels on Optus D2 too. Find more about Optus D2 Installation in Auckland.