Best Dish Antenna Installation Location

If it were your house, do you think this is a good location to install a new dish?

It will be a “Yes” to an installer, as I know. This could be an easy location to work out the job quickly: set up ladder, use lag screws to mount the supporting dish bracket, align the dish to the correct satellite using a professional satellite meter… 30 minutes it could be set up properly,  Cabling is not complicated either.

The questions is, is this the best way to do it? From a house owner’s perspective? If you are the house owner, do you think this is the best location for a new dish? If I were living here, I probably prefer to hide the dish behind the ridge. It involves more work hour and longer cabling, and some proper roof installation accessories, like anti water leak materials. I guess the concerns are most likely about the possible damage to the roof ’cause most dishes installed on roof are not properly mounted, at least from the weather’s perspective: raining water leak and strong winds damage to the roof and dish.

The dish is going to be there for a long time, as long as you are living here. It worth some extra time and budget to make it nice the first time. Dish antenna is not a beautiful thing so far. Dish itself doesn’t match any house style design as far as I consider it from my own regular taste. A good location is wherever possible to hide the dish from far, as invisible as possible, most likely the good location could be the other side of house ridge, a little bit lower than the top ridge, to be blocked from line of vision by house itself. It is possible in most of the locations while no interface with good signal reception.

It will involves the dish installers good experiences and consideration more from your perspective. Some site survey and communications are must!