Antenna Install On Ceramic Terracotta Tiled Roof

Roof antenna installations could be a dangerious job. Example like this: Sky prosecuted after installer falls off roof & Wellington boss remortgages to pay reparation

If you are looking for tips on tile roof installation, concrete, brick entry, tools to use, methods, mounting gear or so, the Hill’s Tile Mount could be an option, but I would not recommend it for practice.

There’s a high chance that after antenna installation you receive a leaking roof, and you have to pay more to repair the roofing.  It occured after weeks of rain the pressure was on for installers to get on roofs even if their better judgement said otherwise. Trust nature’s power than man’s judgement.

If the location have a chimney, or mount to house side wall,  some Sky dishes are installed and the mount was a galvanised bracket that mounted under the eaves ( easier but not strong enough ).  I would not even attempt to go through a tile roof.  I suggest the side of a chimney, or get a “J” pole to mount from the soffit ( like most of the sky dishes) . If your house has a gable end then that could be a possibility.

In any cases, as long as it is possible, I recommend wall installation, examples like these: