TV Aerial Repairs

Weak, poor, no signal issues all can be repaired!

We charge a standard $135 for Auckland city wide UHF TV aerial signal problem check and repair jobs. If we do not have to replace major parts like aerial installation mount bracket and the aerial itself, we can fix most of the signal problem by checking all the way from aerial, to joiner, to splitters,  along the cabling, to wall plates and TV tuning. 75% of the cases could be because of multiple reasons. Anyway, you won’t be bothered for the problem details and the technical signal transmission technologies, by $135 you will get it fixed so you can watch clear stable TV, simple like that.

What Exactly You Guys Will Do About It?

If you want a list of jobs possible, here you go:

  1. Aerial alignment, position not accurate, or to wrong transmitter.
  2. Old VHF interference, we will remove it.
  3. VHF-UHF dixplixer: this device was for a short period when digital and analogy exsited at the same time, year 2010-2013.
  4. RG59 old thin cable
  5. Old signal splitters
  6. Broken part of cable
  7. TVC type of wall plate, out dated in digital transmission time.
  8. Poor F connectors, and adaptors, to be replaced all with proper F type, while shielded.
  9. Electrical and internet wire interference, yes, we do blame your electrician some times, for placing power plugs and wires too close to TV signal cable, or mix them together.

Four UHF band or frequencies are carrying 28 Freeview terrestrial TV channels. If you only receive some channels, other get no signal or pixelation, it can be multiple reasons. Repair jobs are standard $135 gst inclusive.

TVC type push in plug is not ideal for digital transmission time any more. Electrical are still using them a lot. If we have to change it, the cost is $20 per piece including labor and plates. Replacing wall socket plate is fixing a lot of regular weak signal and pixelation problems.

Pixilation? Why?

  1. Electrical and internet wire interference
  2. 2G, 3G, Wifi and Wireless phone signal over the air interference.
  3. Signal level is on the boundary.

So can I fix it by myself? Not exactly:(

  1. Aerial end signal level test.
  2. whole route checked to make sure all parts well shielded, and separated from other wires,
  3. All splitters checked.
  4. Replacing TV signal wall plates.
  5. Amplifier is the final solution.

Can you give me some example how you fix the TV signal problems?

Yes, of course I’d like to. The following case is in Avondale, West Auckland. The left was a old UHF aerial installed on Sky dish mount (many people stopped paying for Sky TV subscription, the dishes are not in use now, we can use the sky dish cabling. In this case the Freeview HD terrestrial signal is not through at all, it was because of multiple reasons after a detailed check for signal level in each parts, then we found where is the signal “leaking” point and fixed it. We do the repair job at $135 gst inclusive. The cost covers transpiration time, gas, gst, setting up the ladder, taking the risk of working high above ground and on the roof, small accessories like connectors, short piece of cable, joints, splitters, cable tie, screws etc.







Let me give you another most common example: The following is a typical Auckland regular house TV aerial set up, in North Shore.

 In left photo, on the top it is an UHF aerial, I do not prefer these type of aerial with iron mesh reflectors, they rust easily; From a business perspective, it’s good for us to get more repair jobs in a longer term. We are not in aerial retail business anyway; If an aerial lasts for ever, we will be out of business soon:) However, since we have a 3 years warranty, we offer another type of UHF aerial, not easily get rusted.The above repair job is very common, we charge $135 to get the signal through, price gst inclusive. If you see on your roof you have these antennas while you do not have Freeview signal, we can repair it, at a standard cost of $135. After the repair it’s like like the photo on the right.


Broken Aerial or VHF Removal?

[pullquote]”Do you also do just aerial removal? I have an obsolete UHF aerial that provides a very convenient roosting place for birds – who leave a real mess on the window below them. I’d like a quote to get the aerial removed if you’re interested. The only condition is that my roof is not that strong so I don’t want anyone putting weight on it, including the garage roof. If you’re interested please view and provide a quote – address… first house down the driveway, brown roof.”[/pullquote]

About the broken or VHF old analog aerial removal job, yes, we absolutely do it, at basic transportation and labor costs.  If you can give me an idea of how much would you consider to pay for the job, I can re-schedule the days’s route to make transportation cost less.  When the aerial is removed, how would you dispose it? If some of the brackets are useful I as a installer would like to get it, as back-ups for other installation uses. I’m building a workshop so the things might be useful for other uses.