2 Used SkyTV Dishes with Sharp LNB For Sale

I have collected two SkyTV dish antennas which was abandoned by my customers. I replaced some rusted screws and tested both dishes, all working fine, the important parts are the LNB, I have two dishes, one is with a 4-output LNB dated year 2010, the other is a single output LNB, dated year 2008, I tested both, easily got a over 70% Optus D1 Ku band satellite reception. There’s one blot and nut missing for now in the photo, I think I can find a pair of correct size ones soon so it does not matter much.

There are no dish mounts, either wall mount or roof mounts. If you like, I can give you a new universal wall mount at extra $20 but I prefer you to pick it up since the mount is heavy, it costs more for courier shipments.

The dishes have to be self pick up because I can not pack these two dishes. Sky dishes are much heavier than the regular types.

You can use the dishes for either Oputs D1 or Optus D2, to receive Freeview satellite channels or some Arabic, Indian, Turkish, Dutch or Russian channels. We have a link in our website for satellite TV FTA channel options available in Auckland.

Buyers must pick up. If you need me to deliver it, I ask for $10 extra and I have to find a day that I can drop by your location between jobs, or on my route so we have to talk about timing.