2.4M Motor Dish For 4 Satellites

A 2.4m C band dish with a auto alignment motor can receive upto 3 different FTA satellites in New Zealand with good signal:

105.5   AsiaSat3S
113       Parapa C2
115.5    ChinaSat6B

Each is pointing less Western, more to North. It receives signal from AsiaSat5 at 100.5 but it’s quite weak, the picture is not watchable. I supplied a FTA satellite receiver and did the configuration for all satellites. The dish was set to receive upto 9 satellites. Over the years there are only 3 satellite with reasonable signal reception level.  The customer used to get Iran channel IRIb3 from Asiasat5 at 100.5 but the free channels was removed from free broadcasting on this satellite over a year ago. This channel is not available on Ku band Optus D2 at 152E, much easier to receive actually, a 45cm or bigger dish can receive it easily.

A huge aged C band dish in back yard.


Set numbers for each satellites, the updated numbers, there are dozens of transponders, all searched one by one, it took me half an hour. A blind search will miss some important new added transponders and programs.

All right, this Star Track satellite receiver works fine, now it is working for three satellites together. The offer is $135 including delivery and installation. I don’t think most uses is able to correctly do the transponder search one by one so a home delivery and installation is a better deals. You do not have to pay extra for some one to come if somehow you just can not make it by yourself. This price is much cheaper than most of the FTA receiver boxes you can find in markets where most of them are default set to Freeview NZ on Optus D1 at 160E.