Optus D2 Free To Air

Optus D2 is a major satellite cover Australia and New Zealand. There are around 50 free to air TV channels broadcasted from it’s vertical or horizental transponders. Coverage Map.

With a regular Ku band single polarization LNB we receive one set of channels. With a dual-polarization LNB we can receive all of them in one receiver box. Check Lyngsat free channel update: those channels with a ‘F” mark are free channels which could be received and viewed via a regular satellite receiver box. Major interested channels are Dutch BVN, Russian Press TV, RTS Russian Today, RT English, KurdSat and Thailand Thai TV Global Networkand

Vertical transponders:

12519: TBN; Smile of Child; Juce TV; The Church Channel; God TV; Day Star; Inspiration TV; EWTN; SNB; iFilm; Press TV and BVN.
BVN TV Australië is the major interest to many Dutch people.Press TV is Russian. iFilm is Southeast Asia movie channel.

12546: Al-Iraqiya TV; RTS Satelit which is Russia Today, Al Horreya TV; MRT Sat and MRT2, to the Macedonian diaspora in Australia and New Zealand. Al Malakoot Sat;CTV (Egypt); Alkarma TV Middle East & Australia; Al Kalema TV; ABN (USA); Aghapy TV

12706: Hope Channel International; Karbala Satellite Channel; Bible Explorations TV; CNC Chinese; CNC English

12734: The Way TV; Abu Dhabi Al Oula Europe; Oman TV; Al-Fady TV; TVR International.

Horizental transponders:

12581:Hod Hod Arabic TV; Jame-Jam TV; Network 3; Telepace; Ovation (Australia); Vietface TV Australia; IFilm English; Press TV;

12608: Fashion One Asia (night); Fadak TV; TRT Türk; Duna World; Kurdistan TV; The Word Network; Rûdaw; Apostolic Oneness Network; 3ABN International; Al Hayat 2; Angel TV Australia; Amazing Discoveries; RT English
KurdSat; Thai TV Global Network

These channels are free to air broadcasting, the list is subject to change without prior notice to people receiving them.

If the free channel is marked as DVB-S, we can use a regular satellite receiver box to watch it; if it’s MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 it means the channel is broadcated in higher resolution, could be “high definition”, we need a better box which support HD. Our box price is $120 from workshop pick up. Including home installation it is $165 if your dish signal is fine. It will be another $120 if we have to tune the dish to get decent signal from Oputs D2. We do
Optus D2 satellite dish instalaltions:

Second Hand Dish Installation

$250: we have second hand sky dish and mount, we supply dish set and install it for you to point to Optus D2 at a total cost of $250, please not this does not include a new receiver box. Your box is better to support free to air satellite TV programing. We found some New Zealand bought reciever boxes are pre-programed only to Optus D1 for Freeview which can not be manually confingurated. If you do not have box, you can buy from us, it’s $120 extra.

New Dish Installation

$350: A new 65cm taiwan made good quality dish, we install it to receive Optus D2. We can do your box confinguration for free, if it supports manual setting changes.


The above quotation are all with adual-polarizaiton LNB. Check our blog for some Optus D2 installation samples:
Optus D1 + D2
BVN The Dutch Channel Optus D2 Browns Bay Installation

Our Optus D2 Services

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