Optus D1 Freeview Satellite and Sky TV

Optus D1 carries both Sky subscription channels and free to air broadcasting New Zealand freeview channels. Freeview satellite channels are not in high definition, the channel list is different than Freeview Terrestrial channels which are in HD. Oputs D1 Signal Coverage. Please note that you can not connect a Sky dish signal directly to your TV, you need a satellite receiver in between. For multiple rooms, you need one box for each TV, or you need a RF modulator to transfer the AV and remote control signal for the same TV channel as from the main receiver box.

Dish Alignment & Signal Repire

$135: If there’s no signal coming from Sky dish, it could be dish position wrong, signal get block over cable transmission. We do dish realignment and cable network check and repair at $120 if we do not have to change major things like LNB, switch or splitter. Optus D1 Ku band signal is quite strong in New Zealand, it should be good in all weather by a regular Sky TV size dish. The dish itself is super quality, we probably have to change some bolts and nuts but they are included.

Sky Dish LNB Change

After checking if we find that the dish LNB has to be replaced by a new one, we charge extra $45 above the regular $120, so the total will be $165. The average funtion life of a Sky dish Sharp brand LNB is about 6-7 years. These before year 2008 has a higher failure rate. If it marked as “A08..”, it means they are before year 2008 for example. We have 11300Mhz and 10750Mhz two types. We will try to match the original LNB frequency number so there are less problem from box setting changes.

MySky HDi

MySky HDi box with hard dish does not allow customer to change box setting like LNB frequency number. We will try to use the same LNB type to avoid the problem. If case we have to use a different LNB type, for example 11300 rather than 10750, we can do the box confinguration to match them up.

Optus D1+D2

We can add a one LNB to enable your dish to receive both D1 and D2, there are more free channels from D2. Major hardwares are only a new extra LNB and fixture. Price for supplies and labor is $175 in total.

1. RF Modulator Multiple Room Connection

$165: use Sky RF Modulator to transfer Sky channels via RG6 cable network to other rooms. The RF Modulated signal can be combined with Freeview HD digital signal in transmission. This meand you can have both Freeview HD digital channel, and Sky subscription channel in one TV. We do the combination job at $165. We probider the combiner and TV

2. Satellite Signal + Freeview HD Terrestrial Signal

$20 extra for combiner based on regular installation cost. We can also combine satellite signal from Optus D1 and Freeview terrestrial signal and make it possible that they are transfered through the same cable without any quality lost. This means if you are installing a new UHF aerial, we do not necessarily adding a new cable and drilling more holes for them. We can transfer them both throught the exsiting Sky cable.

3. UHF Aerial on Sky Dish Mount

We have modified UHF aerial instalaltion mount which could be attached to the back of Sky satellite dish. Easy installation, better looking, less damage to your house. No extra mounting needed for new UHF installation.

Optus D1 Services

  • LNB Change / Switch
  • RF Modulator Tuning
  • MySky HDi Setting
  • Extra Room Cabling
  • Receiver Box Confirguration
  • Singal Combination

Optus D1 + D2

  • Optus D1 Satellite TV FTA (FREEVIEW) Package includes:1 x satellite dish antenna 65 cm
  • 1 x LNB 11300 Mhz
  • 1 x roof or wall mounting bracket
  • 2 x F connector (twist)
  • Unlimited meters of RG6 coaxial cable
  • 1 x Digital Freeview Aproved digital satellite receiver (USB PVR Recorder functions DishTV S7070r)
  • Delivered and installed in Auckland area by us: $400.00; Best quality dish equipment & good after installation supports.

Installation Examples:

This customer from Otara wants to connect his satellite receiver to watch Freeview satellite channels, but there’s no signal input.

It was because that some bolts and nuts were not correctly fastened, after a few years the position of the dish was moved by wind.

If you have sky tv dish there, and you do not want to pay sky for the subscription based channels, you still can use it for Freeview satellite channels, but you have to buy a different receiver box than SkyTV box. Remember it’s a satellite box, not freeview terrestrial box, they are different standard boxes, one is DVB-S, the UHF aerial type of box is DVB-T, T for Terrestrial.

Can I Receive The Free-To-Air Channels Freeview NZ With My SkyTV Decoder?

Yes you can, but you have to pay for it. This is known as the Decoder Rental or Hold option which is a monthly subscription cost of $18.70 per decoder. * With this money, I’d rather to buy a new satellite receiver box, a regular will do since Freeview Satellite only offers SD quality anyway.

  • Decoder Rental will give you the following channels: TV1, TV2, TV3, PRIME (Ch. 004), FOUR (Ch. 012), THE SHOPPING CHANNEL (Ch. 018), MAORI TV (Ch. 019), TVSN (Ch. 024), CHOICE TV (Ch. 026), TAB (Ch. 062), TRACKSIDE (Ch. 063), TE REO (Ch. 082), FACE TV (Ch. 083), PARLIAMENT (Ch. 090), C4 (Ch. 114), CUE (Ch. 200), SHINE TV (Ch. 201), TV1 Plus One (Ch. 501), TV2 Plus One (Ch. 502) and TV3 Plus One (Ch. 503).
  • You will also receive the following Radio Stations: The Edge (Ch. 420), Radio New Zealand National (Ch. 421), Radio New Zealand Concert (Ch. 422), Tahu FM (Ch. 423), and Calvary Chapel Radio (Ch. 424).

Along with these channels, you will also have access to 2 SKY Basic package channels, which change every month. These channels are automatically available via your SKY decoder. You can refer to our website via the following www.sky.co.nz broadcast, to find out which channels are available each month.

You must remain on the Decoder Rental option for a minimum period of one month, but there is no maximum period to subscribe to this service. Please note that if you are a MY SKY (MY SKY HDi/MY SKY+) subscriber paying a monthly rental fee for the decoder, this charge will still apply should you downgrade to Decoder Rental (eg. $18.70 + $15 for MY SKY HDi). Do I own the aerial/dish & decoder? SKY retains ownership of the equipment. My summary is FORGET IT, buy your own receiver.